Thursday, January 24, 2013

96 Colors of HAPPY!

Good evening, it is Thursday.

This is the last week of the semester for the kids at school.  Between finals and final reports, this has been a challenging week for the kiddos.  Preston has been spending time studying and preparing (along with soccer practices) while Hansen is working on book reports.  Hansen is an excellent writer, but he has big time writer's block at this moment.  And the deadline is not helping his productivity much.  Luckily he has his mom around to be the voice of reason.  If it was up to me, he would just do without his phone, his x-box, his snacks, and even his biting humor until finished.  Grr.  Instead Maren is patiently helping him navigate his way through this assignment.  Phew!

I did take Lillie with me shopping this evening as we were out of bread, bananas, and milk.  I really had fun shopping with Lillie, she was a joy to be with as usual.  I did spend a few extra dollars, but who can say no to her enthusiasm and smile?
A pack of 96 crayons!  Or 96 colors of HAPPY!  I was kind of surprised that this is what she would have been asking for in all of Fred Meyers.  Art makes us all happy doesn't it?  Good for Lillie.  The best $5.29 I have spent this week!

See you tomorrow.

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Susanna Powers said...

Lillie has such beautiful eyes. They remind me of her great grand-ma whose middle name she has. Love, susanna