Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa! And we're still here!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

And we are still here!  The ending of the Mayan Calender didn't mean the end of the world!

Turned out it was this:
Not this:
Yay!  Now we can move on the stuff we always do around this time of the visit with Santa!  We love visiting Santa, then laughing about how it wasn't really Santa, he reeked of Meat, and Cheese!  Just joking, we did visit the real Santa and he was great!
Before sitting with the big guy himself, the kids got to talk to him and stuff.  Santa is a great guy!
Here is a nice pic I took with my phone.  We ordered a picture as well, but it won't get here till after the holidays.  I think this turned out just fine.
After visiting Santa we went to lunch at Johnny Rockets.  If you look closely, Santa is taking a coffee break in the background.

See you tomorrow.

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