Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Good evening, it is Wednesday,

I hope you had a nice Christmas yesterday!  We sure did, and a great Christmas Eve too.

Christmas Eve we headed over to the Ostergard's house to join John, Carol, Stef, Mel, Court, Jack and Avery for a great dinner and nice evening.  In fact I just finished off the left over meatballs right before settling down for this blog post.  We had a great time opening presents, then it was off to church for the 7:30pm Christmas Eve Candlelight service.  I really enjoy the Christmas Eve service, and this year Hansen was one of the Acolytes.  Then it was home for some sleeping before  Santa came to visit our house!  We actually got to sleep in until about 8:30am when Lillie woke up. Preston reports that Hansen kept waking up every hour from about 5:30am on, but it was Lillie's waking up that got us all down stairs.  And Santa didn't disappoint!  We then drove over a snowy Tiger Mountain to spend Christmas Day in North Bend with the same cast from the night before.  And when it was time to go I actually got a hug from Avery!  It takes her a little while to warm up to hanging with me close up...I think she just likes to watch the Uncle JuJu show from afar:)  Jack, on the other hand, bounds right up to me these days...yeah, like Tigger.  Now for a few pictures:
 The kids on the stairs at John and Carol's house...silly face!
 Avery and her matcher doll are the center of attention for this picture!
 Let the presents begin.
Uh...Hi Maren:)
Hansen getting ready for some serious acoylting.  I was tempted to snap a picture of the candlelight service, but I just lived it instead.

See you tomorrow...or in about 20 minutes.


Bernice said...

Lots of great pictures, but I especially liked the picture of Maren - she looks lovely. When I was in Africa, I went to the museum where the King Tut exhibit is. Saw lots of mummies, the main pieces were on tour in the U.S. But I did see the touring exhibit in New Orleans - very impressive. As they get older, the kids will look back and probably appreciate what they saw.
Happy New Year to you all.

Amber said...

I couldn't just live the candlelight service we went to... I had to snap a picture! Sounds like a great Christmas was had by all. Especially Avery :)