Friday, December 28, 2012

Golfing, Pool, and Flip Flops!

Good evening, it is Friday.

For the last couple of days we have been in vacation mode.  For me that can mean a little bit of stir crazy.  Yup, I got to get out for just a bit.  Maren doesn't get so stir crazy, in fact, she could hang at home and read for quite a bunch of days before needing to get out.  But it works OK for me because I do like golfing.  I also like games.  Santa brought Hansen a little pool table and the kids and I had a pretty awesome pool tournament.  Yup, I did win!  If I hadn't, the tournament wouldn't have been quite so awesome.  Lillie can drive away the stir crazies by doing her crafts, you will see her latest project in a minute, but first here are some pics:
 Yup, that's me.  Preston and I played 9 holes at Elk Run.  I may have had one the best 9 holes I've ever had.  Shot two under par without even getting close to a bogey.  My two birdies were putts of less than three feet!
 Look over Preston's left shoulder in this picture.  Yup, that is a deer just hanging out watching us golf.
Preston did hit some very good shots, I'd say a few of his shots were better than many golfers will ever hit in their lifetimes.  But he's not beating his old man in golf just yet.
 Check out this awesome pool table.  Here Hansen is putting a bit of concentration into this shot.
Lillie really likes the pool table as well.  
 And this is Lillie's style of golf.  I try to take her to the golf course and it is always a "no", but Barbie Princess Golf on the Wii is a winner!
Now check out these flip flops.  Yes, they are made from duct tape!  I'm very impressed.

Off to watch the conclusion of a Hallmark Christmas movie.  There is only about 15 minutes left and lots of bad will turn to good in just that amount of time.  Is there football on TV???

See you tomorrow.


carol said...

I love the Hallmark Channel. Everything turns out 'happily ever after' and they wrap it up in a bow, as you say in 15 minutes !

carol said...

I also love the duct tape flip flops !