Sunday, December 16, 2012

Facebook Post.

Good evening, it is Sunday evening.

I have not posted in a few days.  The news of our world has just been too tragic.  The school massacre in Newtown Conn. has been on my mind and on the minds of many.  Before I go on I just have to say how awesome President Obama's speech was this evening during Sunday Night Football.  I can't even fathom what Mitt Romney would have said under such circumstances...shudder.  For those of you who don't use Facebook, you can be sure it has been lit up the last few days.  I posted my feeling there, and will copy it here:

I work at an elementary school and have school age children. I'm stunned, saddened, and maybe even a bit freaked out by today's tragedy. My prayers are with those impacted. But I'm also mad. I keep reading that "now is not the time" and "this is not political". BS! Now is the time and it is all about politics. Hand guns and automatic guns do kill people, they need to be! I a
lso keep reading that if all parents would simply hug their children and let them know that they are loved...the killings would stop. Also BS! Mental illness is a bigger problem than that. Programs for mentally ill need to be funded...fully! I hope this country has reached a tipping point. The NRA had better figure out a way to lead this charge to meaningful gun control or run the risk of becoming irrelevant. And mental illness should not be swept under the rug and given such a stigma. Come on folks, as the slogan for the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence says: We are better than this.

So far I have had many "likes" and some very good conversation.   I am not alone on feeling this way and I think change is a coming.  I was going to post all the comments as well but decided not to as out of respect for those willing to post, as Facebook is a little bit more protected than this blog.

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

Julian, your words on Facebook were
right on. You spoke from the heart and made so much sense. I agree that it seems like change is coming. Our President was very touching in his remarks. An unbelievable tragedy...

Susanna Powers said...

You're right, it's got to change. They need to look at the commonalities of all these mass shootings, and make changes. it's the kind of world where we can't make everything perfect, but we certainly can improve things. thanks, sp

carol said...

You echo my own thoughts and feelings Julian. I have been stunned, outraged, and actually nauseous from the horrible massacre in Newtown, a visceral reaction. I have PTSD and just buried a parent with schizophrenia. Yikes ! Guns and mental illness should never intersect ! When I heard about the mental illness component I shuddered. I also reacted to "now is not the time" with OH YES IT IS ! I wish NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness had a presence on those talk shows. I emailed them about that. The NRA finally issued a statement today - maybe enough people are so outraged that change will happen. Horrible that 20 'littles' are gone.