Friday, December 07, 2012

ELF the Musical.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night Maren and I took the kids to the 5th Ave. Theater to see ELF the musical.  It was great as to be expected.
 Seeing the Christmas musical at the 5th Ave has kind of become a tradition for us.  Right down to eating at Taco Time in Fairwood on the way.  Lillie will enjoy this picture because she is now calling herself the best soda guesser in the world.  I didn't really like the first combo of pop Maren got and the kids tried to guess what it was (this soda maker has like 150 combos) and then I got some and bet that no one could possible guess.  Lillie guessed, " hmmm..."  I didn't even know she would know there was a Coke Zero.  And somehow she was exactly right!  Then she guesses Hansen's too, albeit a bit less dramatically.
 The kids in front of a Christmas tree in Seattle.  I just realized I uploaded the pic with the freaky eyes.  I think all the kids voted for this photo anyhow.  The one without the freaky eyes was kind of too dark.
 And here we are!  The 5th Avenue for ELF.  It really was a great production, and just enough different than the movie.  Excellent.
Lillie really liked this picture.  The huge chandelier hanging from the main ceiling of the theater   It is like a dragon is going to eat the chandelier.

We had a great time and hopefully there is another great Christmas Musical next year.  In case you're wondering we saw White Christmas and A Christmas Story there in years past.  Last year was Cinderella.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Mmmmm... vanilla coke zero. Taco Time. I'm way jealous!

Lillie's wearing quite the shoes these days.

Anonymous said...

How cool that Lillie is the world's best soda guesser! If we ever visit (and you never know) I'm saying Fairwood Taco Time is definitely on the itinerary!