Monday, December 31, 2012

Closing 2012 with a birthday party!

Good morning, it is Monday!

And not just some old boring it sucks to be Monday Monday.  Today is the last day of 2012!  Other than a nap or two later today, I will not sleep again until next year.

Yesterday we celebrated Hansen's 13th birthday!  Yes, in just a few days we will have two teenagers using this house as their home base.  And Lillie is just not that far behind them.  Oy Vey!

We had a very nice celebration with cousins.  Cousin Alex is still here as I type!  I'm not even sure exactly how that happened...oh yeah, I approved it.
 Here are some cousins hanging out for some birthday fun.  Not too many pictures of the girls here as they were all smart enough to disappear into Lillie's room.
 Opening presents.  Cash is king for the teenage world...
 Hansen overdoing his "pose" for the camera.  Happy birthday kiddo!

I'm sure I will wish Hansen a happy birthday again in a few days.  But for now I'm signing out.

See you next year!


Amber said...

Two teenagers? Yikes! Happy Birthday, Hansen!

carol said...

You can say that again, two teenagers + another on the way - OY VAY + YIKES ! Happy birthday belated to Hansen ......