Friday, November 02, 2012

Who's that cat?

Good morning, it is Friday.

Today is a teacher workshop day in our school district.  That means the kids and I have the day off from work!  Which is 9:00 am and all three kids are still sleeping.

Today I will post a bunch of random pictures:
 Maren wore our Cat In The Hat sweatshirt to work.  Yes, her story time kids loved the look!  Hansen also used this sweatshirt for his costume. The pizza is a Papa Murphy's Halloween pizza...yum!
 We got plenty of comments about this pumpkin.  Preston's pumpkin carving creation...a prison for Barbie.  Yikes!
 Lillie's candy all sorted and cataloged.  Of course, by now it is mostly all eaten:)
 Lillie hanging out in my little office area reading a book.  She didn't mind hanging out at my school on conference week at all.
 Can't really tell in this picture, but Preston is breaking in a new pair of cleats.  He found a pair of bright yellow Nike Mercurials on Ebay.  I'm not a big fan of buying shoes online, but this purchase worked out very nicely.  Soccer shoes change colors so fast that if you really like a certain look you need to buy a bunch of pairs of shoes or shop the sales.
 My golf clubs at the driving range!  I'm thinking they will find their way to the range again this weekend.  Not really golfing weather these days, but I'm good with hitting the range every week or so.  Right now I am very happy with my set of clubs...but that could always change.  What's in the bag:  Taylormade 580 driver, Taylormade retro Raylor 16, Wilson Staff Pi5 irons 3-PW, Cleveland CG-14 56 SW, and usually an old Ping Zing putter...but the putter is a possibly changing.  I only have a dozen or so to choose from...including a new Boccieri mid weight Heavy Putter Ping Zing look-alike that I am really excited to try out.  Once March comes around I hope to play more golf!
Lillie made me this very snazzy duct tape case for my exercise bike.  Yup, I put my phone in this and listen to music while peddling away in the mornings.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Cute picture of Maren. Yikes is right on the Barbie prison pumpkin!