Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Today is voting day.  But in our state we only have a mail in vote option so today is the deadline to vote.  Maren and I sent in our ballots a week or so ago and this is the day we get to start seeing who won and who lost.  My ballot actually has an issue that I am fixing so my vote counts.  Apparently the folks who double check signatures didn't think my signature looked like my signature, so I had to send in a paper to prove it was me.  I'm guessing it will be taken care of today, but my ballot was sent in on time so it will be counted.  In many ways I miss the old way of going to the polling station and voting.  Sometimes by days end we would only have 45 voters, other times (like today) there would be lines the entire day.  This evening well be a night of watching the TV and watching newscasters crunch numbers to see how the results are turning out.  With our mail in system, the state elections may not be finalized for a week.  And that could be the case for the Presidency as well.  I'm sure I will have something to say tomorrow about the election results, but for now...just watching...and voted.

Yesterday at school we had the Puyallup Fair come to the school:
 They have quite a set up.  But it was only for 1-3 grades.  Personally I thought the kindergarteners were the group who would have most benefited.
Pretty cool.  And now I know how farmers itch their noses...

See you tomorrow.

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