Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The 44th President is...Barack Obama!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

The very moment they called the race for Obama I was watching the election results on tv:
Hooray!  I fully expected this result, but of course it was a nervous day.  Check out our news paper this morning:
Yup, Obama wins a second term.  Good for our country!  I say this result will even be good for those who didn't want Obama, their lives may be better with this outcome even if they didn't want it.  Of course there are some bummed out folks right now...and I do remember how bummed I was when the Bush's kept winning.  Other front page issues passing in our great state of Washington:
 Gay marriage.  For those who are against this all I can say is this...this is an equal rights issue.  All humans should have equal rights.  What you do with your rights is up to you.
Pot's legal!  Why am I in favor of this?  No, I'm not going out to smoke a joint...this is also an equal rights issue.  Those arrested and in jail for dealing with pot are not always representative of those who prefer to use.  Minorities and poor are targeted and that is not necessarily who the users are.  Make it like alcohol, just makes sense.  Tax revenue over unfair police enforcement sounds like a good trade to me.

This morning I am happy with the results of these and many other races decided last night.  I hope you are too!

See you tomorrow.   

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Ellen said...

We're glad President Obama won, too. Pot is legal in Washington? I had no idea - it wasn't even on the ballot here!