Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Honor Society, meet Preston Slane.

Good evening, is is Wednesday Evening.

We just got back from a very cool event.  Our very own Preston was inducted into the National Honor Society!  In Preston's school of over 2000 kids, only about 70 students met the criteria.  Congratulations Preston!
 This picture is of Preston receiving his certificate after signing the book of records.
 Inside this pamphlet are the names of all the students inducted tonight.  Not surprisingly we recognize many of them from years of school functions.  Congratulations to all of Preston's friends and fellow students inducted tonight.

Guess what else I got to do today?  Don't look below at the picture...guess.  Nope!  You guessed wrong, unless you figured I got to dig through owl pellets to place the little rodent bones on the bone chart.
 Some of the 4th graders I worked with were able to nearly fill the chart with just their owl pellet.
Also today I purchased new tires for my van.  Wahoo!  Now there goes $550.00 down the tube.  Not really, my van still had the original tires and with winter fast approaching and Preston driving, I figured new tires were a must.  Here is to safe driving!

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

lhCongratulations Preston - how proud everyone is of your accomplishment.I'm sure there will be many more awards in your future.

And now with winter setting in, new tires will help to keep you safe while safely!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Preston!!!