Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night was our night to help out as a family with H.O.M.E.   H.O.M.E. is a program that feeds and houses homeless men in our area.  We have chosen a day to help as a family for the past few years and last night we had John, Carol and Stef helping with our five as well.  We had fun, worked hard, and served some guys who were very appreciative for the good meal (s) and a place to stay (at the host church).  Preston and his high school group worked the night before and Carol helped last week too, so we had some experts on our hands.
 As servers we were not the cooks.  We had an assembly line going.  In this pic Stef is between Maren and Preston, and John is working behind the scenes   I was usually to the right of Carol helping dish up meatballs.  Here are some other pic too:
 I taught Lillie how to cook scrambled eggs the other day.
 While Preston and I were out at soccer (Preston had three games, two wins and a tie...he played great!) Maren hired Hansen and Lillie to rake the leaves in the back yard.  Hansen and Lillie get along great when the timing works out for them.
Lillie had a girls overnight at Carol's house along with her cousin Avery.  This picture was from when they were making jewelry.  I know all the girls had a great time.  And our house was so quiet yesterday!  Thanks for hosting the party Carol.
  This is my new hat!  A PacNW beanie.  I put this picture up (I took it with the reverse camera on my phone) because whenever I show up anywhere without glasses and a baseball hat people just don't recognize me.   Wacky huh?  In the cold weather I find contact lenses and a beanie are much more comfortable for watching soccer.  I don't think I look too different.  Hmm.

See you tomorrow.


Robert said...

Nice post, but who's that in the last picture?

Bernice said...

What a great thing you all did feeding (as a family) homeless men.
It's a really worthy cause.

So your dad doesn't recognize you,
well I did. Yes, it is Julian.....

Julian Slane said...

Bert, do you know me? My mouth's bleeding Bert!!! What do you know about that? Merry Christmas!

That was weird, must be nearly Christmas time:)