Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good evening, it is Friday.

We have had a great couple of days and I'm exhausted...but the world is not asleep yet so I will post my Thanksgiving blog.  We spent Thanksgiving at John and Carol's house along with Stef, Mel, Court, Jack, Avery, and of course John and Carol.  We had a very nice dinner, had fun visiting and watching Football, then ended the evening with a fun game of Apples to Apples.  We then packed up the van and headed to downtown Seattle for an overnight.  This morning we checked out the parade, shopped downtown, and had a great lunch.  Currently we have our Christmas stuff out and tomorrow we will set up the tree!  Now for the pictures (and there are plenty!  I took over 100 pictures over the last couple of days!):
This is our wall of thankful leaves.  One day for each person where we spotlighted a family member.  There are also a few others as well.
 At John and Carol's house.  Lillie, Avery, and Maren.
 Julian and Preston.
Carol, Hansen and Jack.
Two of the best pies ever...hand made by John!  Of course we had a great dinner with everything you can even imagine for Thanksgiving!  I'm still full.  Then off to downtown Seattle:
 The rain was just pouring this morning, so we decided to watch the parade from our hotel room.  I went down to the street for just a minute to snap a picture of Maren and Lillie in the hotel room window.
 I really like this picture of Lillie watching the parade staging.  We looked over the beginning area and the staging area.
This picture is in a random place.  Maren and Lillie in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel.  Second year we have stayed here.  Next year we may get two rooms.  The kids like to stay awake a bit longer than us adults.
 The parade has begun!  Maren is liking this elevated view.
 One of the many bands.  Such great music and fun.  This really is a great parade.
 The same band, just a bit farther down the road.
 Right below the window was proof that it was raining!
 It's the Seagals!  No Seahawk players, but it's all good.
 We have seen this creature every single year.
 I reached my arm way out the window that Maren and I were looking out to snap a picture of Preston, Hansen and Lillie watching the parade.  Yes, the rule was...feet stay on the floor!
Even a princess in a snow globe!
 Off for some shopping.
A new winter coat for Lillie?  Maybe so.  The one she is wearing is too small!
Preston trying on a sweatshirt.  How does this one look?  Yup, looking good.
 Getting hungry!  Lillie and Preston give the Daily Grill a big thumbs up.
 Maren and Hansen all snugly.  For just a second anyway.   We had a great time at lunch telling horrible jokes and laughing uncontrollably.  I'm not writing the jokes here, but ask the kids sometime...if you dare!  
 And we can't forget the Gingerbread Houses!  They were totally amazing this year.  I could have posted them all, but a couple will do.  This is based on Alice In Wonderland.
This one was based on Grimm's Fairy Tales.  Like I said, these were maybe the best I've seen.
O.K.  Bring on Christmas!  I got down all our Christmas boxes and tomorrow we will put up the tree and decorate it.  We had a great Thanksgiving, hope you did too!

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! What a great way to watch the parade! Loved all the pictures.

Amber said...

I want to watch the parade from there! Sounds like too much fun - I could've looked at all 100+ pictures.