Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Icy Date?

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night was a date night with Lillie.  Maren purchased us tickets to see Disney On Ice a while back and last night was the night.  We had a great time and as it turned out, quite an adventure.  I will tell the story along with the pictures:
Lillie and I began our evening at Johnny Rockets at Kent Station.  Here Lillie is wishing she could pick some music from the Juke Box.  I had one of the best burgers I have ever had!  Mushrooms, onions, cheese and burger...all grilled and dripping through the bun!  Yeah, Lillie wasn't trading me burgers at all, but she enjoyed her chicken strips just fine.
On the the Show!  Disney on Ice.  Lillie really wanted some Cotton Candy and when I realized a tiara came with the purchase...well, best $12.00 I've spent in a long time.
 We had very good seats and the show was excellent.
This is from the newest movie Tangled.  Rapunzel the cast were great!  We also saw Cinderella and The Princess and the Frog.  Excellent!  I would have had a fine time even without Lillie, but being with her was even better.  But then it was time to go home:
Why is this part of the adventure?  Because my pick-up died.  And not just a little dead, all the way dead.  The clutch has gone south and the truck won't move.  Luckily we have AAA and I called them to come save us (Preston had the van and didn't have to deal with the dead truck while he was out).  Here Lillie is waving down the tow truck!
Back at home.  Lillie and I rode home in this tow truck.  My truck is now in the driveway where I will live for some time.  I will get into fixing it one of these days, but not this weekend or next.  The tow truck ended up being a fun adventure to a great evening...I hope...who knows what Lillie will tell you.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

It all sounds like fun until the truck died. The AAA had to help me a couple of weeks ago, needed a new battery. Lillie will be spoiled. love, susanna

Bernice said...

What a fun and adventurous evening. It's not fun having your car die, but you luckily got home safe and sound, after having a date night with your daughter......

Anonymous said...

Tsk about the truck! Waiting for AAA and driving away with the driver is always an adventure. (I did it 4 times in one year with my B2600 truck...sigh.) But cotton candy with a tiara - how can you beat that?