Friday, November 30, 2012

A Christmas Carol.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Wednesday Lillie got to go on a very fun field trip with her class.  It wasn't a school wide thing as parents actually drove personal cars to take the kids.  I was first alternate driver and ended up not having to go, which is just fine by me.  Lillie got to ride in a friend's car and had a fun time.  One of the great things about the HiCap program is just exactly this.  Schools that are trying super hard to bring up test scores just never get the chance to do this type of field trip...also many schools would never have the parents available to drive the students and even have an alternate list.  Yay for Lillie and her school!
 Of course it was a bag lunch with all the contents available to be tossed out if not consumed.  I made Lillie's bag stand out just a little bit.
 On the way to the bus stop.  Her jacket matches her pants and shirt, while her boots match her hat and her lunch bag.  Some days Lillie likes to match perfectly, other days she likes to clash perfectly.  I'm guessing her socks may even match, but who can tell?
I think she liked A Christmas Carol.  She talked more about the ride to and from and the hanging in Seattle than she did of the play.  When Hansen did this a few years ago he talked for days and days about the play, but you would have thought he just transported to the theater and back.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I bet her undies matched.

Ellen said...

It's always fun to go to a play!