Friday, November 30, 2012

A Christmas Carol.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Wednesday Lillie got to go on a very fun field trip with her class.  It wasn't a school wide thing as parents actually drove personal cars to take the kids.  I was first alternate driver and ended up not having to go, which is just fine by me.  Lillie got to ride in a friend's car and had a fun time.  One of the great things about the HiCap program is just exactly this.  Schools that are trying super hard to bring up test scores just never get the chance to do this type of field trip...also many schools would never have the parents available to drive the students and even have an alternate list.  Yay for Lillie and her school!
 Of course it was a bag lunch with all the contents available to be tossed out if not consumed.  I made Lillie's bag stand out just a little bit.
 On the way to the bus stop.  Her jacket matches her pants and shirt, while her boots match her hat and her lunch bag.  Some days Lillie likes to match perfectly, other days she likes to clash perfectly.  I'm guessing her socks may even match, but who can tell?
I think she liked A Christmas Carol.  She talked more about the ride to and from and the hanging in Seattle than she did of the play.  When Hansen did this a few years ago he talked for days and days about the play, but you would have thought he just transported to the theater and back.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Husky Ornament.

Good morning, it is Monday.

We put our Christmas tree up on Saturday!  The day was calm so I also put up a nice row of Christmas lights on the house as well.  Nope, I don't go crazy with lights and such, but a row along the downstairs works just fine for me.
 Putting up the ornaments.  Even though the Huskies lost the Apple Cup this year (yes, I loose a dollar or two and never hear the end of it), this is a favorite ornament.  Who is that peering through the tree branches?
Lillie loves the tree!  And the candy canes.  Lillie and her friend Maddie spent the night under the tree the first night it was up.  The whole family didn't, but I think Lillie and her friend count...and the tradition goes on.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good evening, it is Friday.

We have had a great couple of days and I'm exhausted...but the world is not asleep yet so I will post my Thanksgiving blog.  We spent Thanksgiving at John and Carol's house along with Stef, Mel, Court, Jack, Avery, and of course John and Carol.  We had a very nice dinner, had fun visiting and watching Football, then ended the evening with a fun game of Apples to Apples.  We then packed up the van and headed to downtown Seattle for an overnight.  This morning we checked out the parade, shopped downtown, and had a great lunch.  Currently we have our Christmas stuff out and tomorrow we will set up the tree!  Now for the pictures (and there are plenty!  I took over 100 pictures over the last couple of days!):
This is our wall of thankful leaves.  One day for each person where we spotlighted a family member.  There are also a few others as well.
 At John and Carol's house.  Lillie, Avery, and Maren.
 Julian and Preston.
Carol, Hansen and Jack.
Two of the best pies ever...hand made by John!  Of course we had a great dinner with everything you can even imagine for Thanksgiving!  I'm still full.  Then off to downtown Seattle:
 The rain was just pouring this morning, so we decided to watch the parade from our hotel room.  I went down to the street for just a minute to snap a picture of Maren and Lillie in the hotel room window.
 I really like this picture of Lillie watching the parade staging.  We looked over the beginning area and the staging area.
This picture is in a random place.  Maren and Lillie in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel.  Second year we have stayed here.  Next year we may get two rooms.  The kids like to stay awake a bit longer than us adults.
 The parade has begun!  Maren is liking this elevated view.
 One of the many bands.  Such great music and fun.  This really is a great parade.
 The same band, just a bit farther down the road.
 Right below the window was proof that it was raining!
 It's the Seagals!  No Seahawk players, but it's all good.
 We have seen this creature every single year.
 I reached my arm way out the window that Maren and I were looking out to snap a picture of Preston, Hansen and Lillie watching the parade.  Yes, the rule was...feet stay on the floor!
Even a princess in a snow globe!
 Off for some shopping.
A new winter coat for Lillie?  Maybe so.  The one she is wearing is too small!
Preston trying on a sweatshirt.  How does this one look?  Yup, looking good.
 Getting hungry!  Lillie and Preston give the Daily Grill a big thumbs up.
 Maren and Hansen all snugly.  For just a second anyway.   We had a great time at lunch telling horrible jokes and laughing uncontrollably.  I'm not writing the jokes here, but ask the kids sometime...if you dare!  
 And we can't forget the Gingerbread Houses!  They were totally amazing this year.  I could have posted them all, but a couple will do.  This is based on Alice In Wonderland.
This one was based on Grimm's Fairy Tales.  Like I said, these were maybe the best I've seen.
O.K.  Bring on Christmas!  I got down all our Christmas boxes and tomorrow we will put up the tree and decorate it.  We had a great Thanksgiving, hope you did too!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stellar Students.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night was student conferences for Hansen and Preston.  Yup, they did the Jr. high and the high school on the same day.  The way it works is that you go to the gym at the school and the teachers are sitting along the perimeter waiting for parents to come talk to them.  I had a meeting after school yesterday, then it was off to the high school followed by the jr high.  I got to talk to all of Preston's teacher and all of Hansen's teachers without waiting in too long of a line.  Of course our boys are like angels in their teacher's eyes.  Really, they are...well, they are doing great, every one of their teachers said we were lucky to have such great students and sons.  Yay for us, but more so, yay for Preston and Hansen.
This is the gym at the Jr. High.  Some teachers just don't get too many parents talking to them, while others have very long lines all evening.  It is not surprising that I had to wait in plenty of lines as many of the kids who do very well in school (and have been in many of the same classes as our kiddos) do have one thing in common...parents who are plugged in to how their kids are doing.

This weekend is the Apple Cup.  Yup, Huskies vs. Cougars.  Check out the staff room table at my school:
The Husky Football is mine!  We do have plenty of Cougar fans at work who are very passionate about their school.  They may even spend more money on Cougar stuff.  But come Friday afternoon, the Huskies will be Apple Cup winners once again.  GO HUSKIES!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A contrast in phones...and some soccer.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Over the last couple of days I have spent over 10 hours driving.  Yup, Preston had a travel weekend with soccer.  Saturday was a game here, then we cruised over to Moses Lake to spend the night.  Saturday morning it was all the way to Spokane for a 2:00pm game.  Then home.  Luckily the pass didn't have snow on roads and the drive was relativity uneventful.  Maren and the littles stayed home but were plenty busy themselves.
 The soccer was relatively uneventful as well.  Both games ended in ties.  I did think Preston played very well both games, kind of getting back to taking players on and creating plays.  Here his is sending a ball toward the goal hoping a teammate may put a head on it for a goal.
 We (some of us adults) checked out the winery above the soccer fields in Spokane.  We could even see the soccer fields from up here...well, if ventured out into the "hazardous area".
 Preston and Brian in the car for the drive.  Brian's phone says 36 days till Christmas!  This was the last picture of his phone in good repair.  Just 5 minutes later while walking to the soccer field Brian's phone took an unfortunate tumble onto the ground and now the screen is shattered.  Ouch.
 From new cell phones to old phones.  Check out this super old dial phone all looking like some brass elephant.  We stayed overnight in Moses Lake at teammate's extended family's house.  We had a very nice time with great food and fun.
The boys even got some studying in while in Moses Lake.  At least it sure looks like they are studying.

We now have a short week with Thanksgiving just around the corner.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night was the first night since last Friday evening that I got to spend the evening at home without a school function, meeting or something.  It was nice to just relax for the evening.  Of course the trend was one and done as I will be going out of town (way out of town, Spokane...over a blizzarding mt. pass) for the weekend with Preston for soccer.

Thursday evening was Math Night at our school.  We had a very nice turnout.  I helped with passing out the free math stuff as well as just playing math games and such.  I did learn a new magic trick with a deck of cards from a 5th grader...pick a card, any card!
This is me!
And this is my work desk...I have a sub on Monday because I get to be on a committee that sets goals for the school improvement team or something of the sort.  I try to stay organized as I have so many intervention classes I teach each day,but this is super organized.  My sub will have to teach six intervention classes as well as give support to three classrooms during the day.  I have my schedule down and it flows well for me, but trying to get it on paper so someone else can jump in a do it was not such an easy task.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Honor Society, meet Preston Slane.

Good evening, is is Wednesday Evening.

We just got back from a very cool event.  Our very own Preston was inducted into the National Honor Society!  In Preston's school of over 2000 kids, only about 70 students met the criteria.  Congratulations Preston!
 This picture is of Preston receiving his certificate after signing the book of records.
 Inside this pamphlet are the names of all the students inducted tonight.  Not surprisingly we recognize many of them from years of school functions.  Congratulations to all of Preston's friends and fellow students inducted tonight.

Guess what else I got to do today?  Don't look below at the picture...guess.  Nope!  You guessed wrong, unless you figured I got to dig through owl pellets to place the little rodent bones on the bone chart.
 Some of the 4th graders I worked with were able to nearly fill the chart with just their owl pellet.
Also today I purchased new tires for my van.  Wahoo!  Now there goes $550.00 down the tube.  Not really, my van still had the original tires and with winter fast approaching and Preston driving, I figured new tires were a must.  Here is to safe driving!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night was our night to help out as a family with H.O.M.E.   H.O.M.E. is a program that feeds and houses homeless men in our area.  We have chosen a day to help as a family for the past few years and last night we had John, Carol and Stef helping with our five as well.  We had fun, worked hard, and served some guys who were very appreciative for the good meal (s) and a place to stay (at the host church).  Preston and his high school group worked the night before and Carol helped last week too, so we had some experts on our hands.
 As servers we were not the cooks.  We had an assembly line going.  In this pic Stef is between Maren and Preston, and John is working behind the scenes   I was usually to the right of Carol helping dish up meatballs.  Here are some other pic too:
 I taught Lillie how to cook scrambled eggs the other day.
 While Preston and I were out at soccer (Preston had three games, two wins and a tie...he played great!) Maren hired Hansen and Lillie to rake the leaves in the back yard.  Hansen and Lillie get along great when the timing works out for them.
Lillie had a girls overnight at Carol's house along with her cousin Avery.  This picture was from when they were making jewelry.  I know all the girls had a great time.  And our house was so quiet yesterday!  Thanks for hosting the party Carol.
  This is my new hat!  A PacNW beanie.  I put this picture up (I took it with the reverse camera on my phone) because whenever I show up anywhere without glasses and a baseball hat people just don't recognize me.   Wacky huh?  In the cold weather I find contact lenses and a beanie are much more comfortable for watching soccer.  I don't think I look too different.  Hmm.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Icy Date?

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night was a date night with Lillie.  Maren purchased us tickets to see Disney On Ice a while back and last night was the night.  We had a great time and as it turned out, quite an adventure.  I will tell the story along with the pictures:
Lillie and I began our evening at Johnny Rockets at Kent Station.  Here Lillie is wishing she could pick some music from the Juke Box.  I had one of the best burgers I have ever had!  Mushrooms, onions, cheese and burger...all grilled and dripping through the bun!  Yeah, Lillie wasn't trading me burgers at all, but she enjoyed her chicken strips just fine.
On the the Show!  Disney on Ice.  Lillie really wanted some Cotton Candy and when I realized a tiara came with the purchase...well, best $12.00 I've spent in a long time.
 We had very good seats and the show was excellent.
This is from the newest movie Tangled.  Rapunzel the cast were great!  We also saw Cinderella and The Princess and the Frog.  Excellent!  I would have had a fine time even without Lillie, but being with her was even better.  But then it was time to go home:
Why is this part of the adventure?  Because my pick-up died.  And not just a little dead, all the way dead.  The clutch has gone south and the truck won't move.  Luckily we have AAA and I called them to come save us (Preston had the van and didn't have to deal with the dead truck while he was out).  Here Lillie is waving down the tow truck!
Back at home.  Lillie and I rode home in this tow truck.  My truck is now in the driveway where I will live for some time.  I will get into fixing it one of these days, but not this weekend or next.  The tow truck ended up being a fun adventure to a great evening...I hope...who knows what Lillie will tell you.

See you tomorrow.