Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Very Scary!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Happy Halloween!  What a scary day indeed!  But it is not Halloween that is scary  it is how fast our kids are growing up.

Yesterday Hansen created a facebook account.  And the first thing he posts is how he is in a "relationship".  Yeah...yikes!  Of course, he is a smart boy with good taste.  But still.  And last night Maren took Lillie to a class about growing up into a young women.  Yeah...yikes!  So, you can see why I'm, go friend Hansen and watch out for Lillie.  Lillie did send me this picture:
The place had movie seats and carpet!  I mentioned to her how it seemed kind of empty and she texted back, "I just did a good job taking a picture without people:)"  Of course it was filled by the time the class started...there was even one dad!  No, not me:)

Check out Lillie's socks!  She is dressed up as a very styling My Little Pony, but the socks are fun.

Happy Halloween, and see you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Mom never took me to that class...

Anonymous said...

I never heard of that class...

Anonymous said...

Ellen: seems to me we had some type of similar class (one day or a movie?) in junior high....Did Mrs. McCoy teach it or Mrs. Pierce? Miss Paris? Cetainly not Mr. Sites...haha

Amber: hmmm...two lovely kids, spaced nicely must have gotten THAT class somewhere at sometime...giggle.

From Molly (we had no problems from Hurricane Sandy, just a power outage with the winds and rains)