Friday, October 05, 2012

Rainbow Dash!

Good evening, it is Friday.

Today a most anticipated package arrived at our doorstep.  No it wasn't the Taylormade Retro Raylor grip or the classic Ping Pal putter that I purchased off e-bay.  O.K...for me I love an old golf club that performs like new.  One of these days I will take a picture of the clubs I use like my favorite feature of Golf Magazine called "What's in the Bag".  But for now, lets talk about a package Lillie has been waiting for.  It is a Halloween costume/everyday wearer.  Are you ready?
 First you have to see a picture of Lillie and myself on picture day!  Yup, we both choose lime green!  Maren was thinking that lime green was not the color she would be choosing for picture day, but hey, Lillie and I like our lime green.
 O.K. here it is.  It's a new My Little Pony hoodie!  The hood has ears and a mane.  The back has wings.  The front has eyes and the side even has a cutie mark!  Lillie is now Rainbow Dash.  Her good pal is Apple Jack, and there are a few other kids at Lillie's school in their self proclaimed My Little Pony Club.  It is all too much.  Almost.  Look at the sweatshirt Maren purchased for me on the same order:
Yup, it is the Cat In The Hat and Rainbow Dash!  Actually Maren may wear this Cat Sweatshirt for her Halloween costume.  Unlike Rainbow Dash, the Cat hoodie may not actually be an everyday wearer.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wow, love the lime green pic and the new sweatshirt/costumes! A feast for the eyes! And they look comfy, too!

Amber said...

Aurora already loves the photo of Lillie dressed like a fairy that you sent - and now she's in awe of Lillie's pony hoodie.

Bernice said...

You guys sure are having fun with your Halloween costumes - Lillie is
just adorable ---have fun.