Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins, Soccer and More!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

I'm just waking up the kids for church, so I hope I have enough time for a blog post!

Last night was Pumpkin Carving night...right before the Huskies beat the number 7 ranked Oregon State University football team on homecoming night!  I was offered a ticket last minute, but pass up pumpkin carving and driving Hansen to a Halloween party?  Nah...Hansen had a fun time and I wish I had a picture of him in my Cat in the Hat sweatshirt.
Preston had just come home from a game which his team won 2-0!  Lillie on the other hand was all dressed up for pumpkin carving!

Still carving!  I will have to take a pic of the finished product later.  I may have moved on to the Husky game.  I was also talking to my mom and dad who just yesterday purchased a house in Austin Texas to be near my sister and her family.  I think that is great!  Amber also got a new car yesterday.  Color me jealous, a nice Mazda 5.
 Friday evening I drove a few of Preston's teammates to the University of Washington to get a tour of the campus, the sports facility, then watch the Husky soccer team beat San Diego St 2-0.  The weather was a bit rough, but it was a great evening.  While the kids were doing their thing with the team, I did my own thing.  Here is the Graduate Reading Room in the Suzzallo Library.
 This is where I used to work in the Suzzallo Library back in the day.  It was just periodicals back then, now it is the Media Center.  The Children's area the Maren used to work at is now office space from what I could tell.  It was 20 years ago.
I had time to walk up to the apartment that Maren and I used to live in while in college.  It looks about the same, maybe even better as it has new windows and a security fence.  I ended up getting a great meal at a small teriyaki restaurant on the Ave. Yum!
This is Preston all bundled up for the soccer game along with his teammates.  It was great to see how dynamic the Huskies were.  I think Preston learned a lot from watching this game.
And this is is a goofy thing I saw this morning while putting gas in the van.  A pump poll?  I thought if you used your cell phone at the gas station you would blow the place up!  I realize now the marketing us such that it entertains you and you don't even realize how much money you just spent to fill up the tank.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

I think by taking that picture you just voted for both of them! love, susanna

Anonymous said...

That's the cutest pumpkin-carving outfit I've ever seen! Yes, exciting things are happening.

Amber said...

Seriously, what a weekend! New houses, new cars, and Lillie's wearing high heels!