Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkins and Chickens!

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Ready for a long blog post with a ton of pictures?  Me too!  I should have broken this blog post into a few different posts but too late for that now.  Let get rolling:
 John and Carol took us all out to dinner at the Golden Peacock for my birthday dinner.  Dinner was great and so were the left overs:)  Thanks John and Carol.
 Friday there was no school for the kids or work for us paras.  I went golfing!  This is not me in the bunker, but rather my golfing partner.  I played quite well and never was in a single bunker!  If you is raining in this picture.  We are finally getting rain.  I think we had like 80 straight days with zero rain, but over the last few days we have been reintroduced to rain in a big way.
 Lillie got to spend the night at John and Carol's house while Hansen was spending the night at his cousin's house.  On the way home we decided to take visit to a Pumpkin patch.  Lillie has not been liking the idea of buying pumpkins for carving at Safeway.  I'm glad we did go to the patch.  It may have been a few dollars more, but we had a great time...who cares about a little rain!
 Chickens were everywhere.
 We got to visit with a goat.  Thinking this fella liked Lillie's pony sweatshirt.
 Which pumpkin should we choose?
 Searching, searching, searching...
 We found three!  Here they are getting weighed for purchase.
 Lillie had a little kitten visitor while waiting for me to pay.
Yeah, turkeys too.
 This guy picked up a chicken for Lillie to pet.  He put it's head under it's wing and the chicken just fell asleep.  Crazy.  Lillie has been researching chicken coops and really wants one.  Maybe next summer.  Maybe.
 Today it was a craft bizarre after church.  Maren snapped this picture of Lillie.  I wasn't there as Preston was playing soccer.  The game ended in a 2-2 tie.  Preston had a great assist and some very nice crosses. 
We met up with tons of folks for Abby's 15th birthday party.  We also picked up Hansen from his overnight.  I think I need another weekend day to get ready for tomorrow :)

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wow, fun stuff. You know, I had a pet chicken as a child. Chickens are underrated - they're great! If they turn out to be boys they start crowing at 5AM, though, which doesn't work well in the suburbs.

Amber said...

Happy Birthday dinner!!!

Lillie's outfit is fantastic - and we got a record breaking number of pics of Maren in this post! I need to plan a trip to the pumpkin patch soon.

If you and Lillie want to visit us next summer, she can help us set up chicken coops here. We've got space, and I was thinking that as soon as my kids start asking for a pet or another baby, we're doing a garden or chicken coops. I just don't think I'll have time to research it all.