Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh, My!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday went from Preston playing in the band in his school's football game to a full calendar evening in no time at all.  Since we thought we only had Preston's football game we figured that Maren, the littles and I would go out for a fun dessert.  About the time to go Hansen let us know that is was MacTeacher night for his school that night.  So we went to MacDonald's instead.  He saw a bunch of friends and I saw a bunch of CV kids.  Lillie also found plenty of friends to hang with.  The teachers all think Hansen looks a lot like his older brother Preston...we won't tell the boys.

Just about the time we were leaving Hansen told us his school was having a band concert and he would like to go.  Wow, really?  So we dropped Hansen off at his school and he enjoyed the concert with a few friends.  The kids don't think anything of such a fluid schedule because they all have cell phones and just make plans and change plans on the fly.  Maren, Lillie and I then went home to watch the football game on TV.  We saw some neighbors on telecast but the TV folks went away from the game for the half time show so we never saw Preston on TV.  It was a close game that KW beat KL by 10 points in the end.  I then had to pick up Hansen then pick up Preston and his friend.

Sitting in a parking lot across form the football stadium, I ended up parked next to a couple of friends, including a mom who I talked to at MacDonald's who had a daughter in the Jr. high band concert, and then was picking up her high schooler from the football game too as he is in the band.  It was good to see that we are not the only ones with these crazy schedules.  Anyhow, good evening.  Today is a full evening as well with Preston and some of his team heading up to the U of W for a tour, meet the coach of the soccer team, and then watch the U of W take on San Diego State.
This is the book that Lillie chose from her book fair.  I usually would never buy her a book this expensive from the book fair, but she had checked out the book fair in advance and knew exactly what book she wanted.  cupcakes, cookies & pie, oh, my!  I have no doubt she will read every single word in this cookbook, and who knows, we may even be treated to a tasty treat one of these days.

See you tomorrow.

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