Monday, October 22, 2012

Lime Refresher

Good morning, it is Monday.

This week is student/teacher goal setting conferences for Lillie's and my school.  That means Lillie gets to come hang with me for an hour each day after school.  I think the office staffers will have fun jobs for Lillie to do, but if not she can just read a book or pester me.  Should be fun, and nice to have short days for a week.  The boys and Maren, no such luck...full days for them.

After Preston's soccer game yesterday he and I took a quick (or not so quick) swing by the south center mall area.  It was nice to know the roads as trying to find the soccer field his game was on proved to be an adventure.  My GPS added a "W" to the "S" in the address because we were trying to find Tukwila not Seattle...ugh.  We did find the game, not that is was fun.  P's team got stomped in the worse defeat it has ever had.  The coach likes to tell the players they need to find their winning ways, but he doesn't change a thing in the line up or the way in which they plan their strategy.  It seemed to me a few simple tweaks and the game would have been a totally different outcome.  But I'm not the coach so I just keep my opinion to myself and the blogging world:)  Back to the picture.  I received a Starbucks card for my birthday and Preston and I used some of it for a quick break.  Preston ordered a lime refresher and I a hot cocoa.  Yum!

See you tomorrow.  

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