Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Over the weekend Lillie got to be in a day long dance camp held by the Kentlake dance team.  Yup, Preston's school.  The camp ended by having the girls who attended perform the half time show for the Kentlake football game.  Lillie had a great time dancing and hanging with her friends.  Hansen came and had a fun time hanging out with his friends too.  And of course, Preston was in the band.  And the band sounded great I might add.
 The dance team for the high school is called the Flames.  The jr. high school program is called the Sparks, and I don't know what they call the elementary school kids...flint?  Over the loud speaker they were called the dance camp participants.  Lillie and a friend in there dance shirts.
 Performing the halftime show.  Lillie is behind our neighbor who is also a lieutenant of the dance team...the girl doing the splits on the left side of the picture.  Of course all the girls did a great job.
Here Lillie is hanging with another My Little Pony fan.

I will try to get some pics of Preston and Hansen for future blogs...lately it has been all Lillie all the time.  But then again, the boys are much more on their own.  Last night Preston drove himself to the library to hang with friends ..er, study.  And Hansen walks to school and back with his friends then prefers the x-box once finished with homework and such.  Last night we did have a nice BBQ on the deck.  This has been a crazy long summer, thinking last night may have the last for the year.

See you tomorrow.

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