Saturday, October 20, 2012

Duct Tape!

Good evening, it is Saturday Night!

I just watched the Huskies loose (boo!) and I may stay up to watch Saturday Night Live!  I'm enjoying watching the political spoofs as always.

I just realized I have not blogged in a week!  I didn't even realize it has been that long.  My work schedule has temporary changed to 45 minute earlier and I've been waking up early to exercise which has worked out well so far.  To go along with exercise I downloaded an app called My Plate by LiveSTRONG.  It is crazy how many calories I have been consuming with out even thinking about it.  Who knows how faithful I will be to this app, but it is an eye opener.  Bottom line, I need to reschedule my blogging to the evening, and I just may do that.  I don't like going a whole week blog free.

As I type Hansen is off at a youth group retreat at the church.  He was reluctant to attend, so I told him if he didn't  like it he could text me and I would come get him.  But I have not heard a thing, so he must be doing well.  I know his phone is working because Preston was texting him about an issue with the x-box.  Good for Hansen!  Preston was gone much of the evening too, he drove over to his girlfriend's house to hang out.

So what did Maren, Lillie, and I do while the boys were gone?  Out to eat at The Rock!  Yup, Lillie  had earned a free meal through school and Maren and I split a medium pizza.  I think pepperoni and pineapple may be my favorite combo.

By now you may be wondering why I named this blog Duct Tape.  Well, it is because Lillie and her friends have become duct tape fanatics.  They build purses, coin purses, bow ties, bracelets, you name it out of duct tape.  And the duct tape folks have taken notice.  You can buy duct tape in so many different colors and pasterns, it is amazing.  Today Maren and I took Lillie out to buy a few rolls of duct tape:
The patterned rolls cost about twice the amount as the solid rolls.  Lillie is showing off her three new rolls of tape!
The moment we got home she was creating!
And voila!  Check out her new purse.  After this picture was taken it was even decorated with the name Lillie! 
What is a picture of Snoopy doing here?  Well, Maren picked up the Deluxe Peanuts Holiday Collection.  It is great!  We already watched all three shows: It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Yay!

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

We have that box set! I was thinking of watching the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown movie this week! Mom's here this weekend and we're all amazed with Lillie's duct tape purse.

Bernice said...

I've been wondering where you were all week. Duct tape - that is so interesting, and Lillie is so creative. Show us more of her creations. Sounds like you all are keeping busy as usual.

I finally bought a car, a 2012 Scion,silver, and I really love it. Just picked it up today and went to the market to buy some stuff. It meets most of my needs and I am very happy with it. After looking at several other cars - this was the best for me for comfort, etc.
So, I am excited!!