Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Very Scary!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Happy Halloween!  What a scary day indeed!  But it is not Halloween that is scary  it is how fast our kids are growing up.

Yesterday Hansen created a facebook account.  And the first thing he posts is how he is in a "relationship".  Yeah...yikes!  Of course, he is a smart boy with good taste.  But still.  And last night Maren took Lillie to a class about growing up into a young women.  Yeah...yikes!  So, you can see why I'm, go friend Hansen and watch out for Lillie.  Lillie did send me this picture:
The place had movie seats and carpet!  I mentioned to her how it seemed kind of empty and she texted back, "I just did a good job taking a picture without people:)"  Of course it was filled by the time the class started...there was even one dad!  No, not me:)

Check out Lillie's socks!  She is dressed up as a very styling My Little Pony, but the socks are fun.

Happy Halloween, and see you tomorrow.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkins, Soccer and More!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

I'm just waking up the kids for church, so I hope I have enough time for a blog post!

Last night was Pumpkin Carving night...right before the Huskies beat the number 7 ranked Oregon State University football team on homecoming night!  I was offered a ticket last minute, but pass up pumpkin carving and driving Hansen to a Halloween party?  Nah...Hansen had a fun time and I wish I had a picture of him in my Cat in the Hat sweatshirt.
Preston had just come home from a game which his team won 2-0!  Lillie on the other hand was all dressed up for pumpkin carving!

Still carving!  I will have to take a pic of the finished product later.  I may have moved on to the Husky game.  I was also talking to my mom and dad who just yesterday purchased a house in Austin Texas to be near my sister and her family.  I think that is great!  Amber also got a new car yesterday.  Color me jealous, a nice Mazda 5.
 Friday evening I drove a few of Preston's teammates to the University of Washington to get a tour of the campus, the sports facility, then watch the Husky soccer team beat San Diego St 2-0.  The weather was a bit rough, but it was a great evening.  While the kids were doing their thing with the team, I did my own thing.  Here is the Graduate Reading Room in the Suzzallo Library.
 This is where I used to work in the Suzzallo Library back in the day.  It was just periodicals back then, now it is the Media Center.  The Children's area the Maren used to work at is now office space from what I could tell.  It was 20 years ago.
I had time to walk up to the apartment that Maren and I used to live in while in college.  It looks about the same, maybe even better as it has new windows and a security fence.  I ended up getting a great meal at a small teriyaki restaurant on the Ave. Yum!
This is Preston all bundled up for the soccer game along with his teammates.  It was great to see how dynamic the Huskies were.  I think Preston learned a lot from watching this game.
And this is is a goofy thing I saw this morning while putting gas in the van.  A pump poll?  I thought if you used your cell phone at the gas station you would blow the place up!  I realize now the marketing us such that it entertains you and you don't even realize how much money you just spent to fill up the tank.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh, My!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday went from Preston playing in the band in his school's football game to a full calendar evening in no time at all.  Since we thought we only had Preston's football game we figured that Maren, the littles and I would go out for a fun dessert.  About the time to go Hansen let us know that is was MacTeacher night for his school that night.  So we went to MacDonald's instead.  He saw a bunch of friends and I saw a bunch of CV kids.  Lillie also found plenty of friends to hang with.  The teachers all think Hansen looks a lot like his older brother Preston...we won't tell the boys.

Just about the time we were leaving Hansen told us his school was having a band concert and he would like to go.  Wow, really?  So we dropped Hansen off at his school and he enjoyed the concert with a few friends.  The kids don't think anything of such a fluid schedule because they all have cell phones and just make plans and change plans on the fly.  Maren, Lillie and I then went home to watch the football game on TV.  We saw some neighbors on telecast but the TV folks went away from the game for the half time show so we never saw Preston on TV.  It was a close game that KW beat KL by 10 points in the end.  I then had to pick up Hansen then pick up Preston and his friend.

Sitting in a parking lot across form the football stadium, I ended up parked next to a couple of friends, including a mom who I talked to at MacDonald's who had a daughter in the Jr. high band concert, and then was picking up her high schooler from the football game too as he is in the band.  It was good to see that we are not the only ones with these crazy schedules.  Anyhow, good evening.  Today is a full evening as well with Preston and some of his team heading up to the U of W for a tour, meet the coach of the soccer team, and then watch the U of W take on San Diego State.
This is the book that Lillie chose from her book fair.  I usually would never buy her a book this expensive from the book fair, but she had checked out the book fair in advance and knew exactly what book she wanted.  cupcakes, cookies & pie, oh, my!  I have no doubt she will read every single word in this cookbook, and who knows, we may even be treated to a tasty treat one of these days.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shorts and Galoshes?

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

This week has gone by in a blur...wait, it is only Wednesday.  Phew.  Today I get to meet with Lillie's teacher for her goal setting conference!  Of course that also means a stop in the book fair.  Lillie doesn't hurt for books to be sure, but another one or two can't hurt.  Yesterday Maren worked late so it was just me and the kiddos.  Preston had his Fall Music Concert that we attended along with John and Carol.  Getting out of Kentlake's parking lot can be a nightmare, I hope John and Carol are out of there by now!  But the performances were great.  Preston is in the top band and hast to wear a tuxedo and everything.  It is very fun to watch.  After school I spent too much time on a tall ladder in our entry way.  I cleaned the light fixture, replaced the light bulb, cleaned the window and dusted.  Why?  Because I picked up my framed picture that Maren bought me for my birthday and hung it.
 Right above the door..."Shakin' off the Blues".  I think it turned out very nice.  I may need to spend a little more time getting it centered, but for yesterday, this is what we got.
 I really enjoy getting to see concerts in the Kentlake's PAC, but taking a photo is nearly impossible for my camera.  Here the band is getting ready to play.  Preston is kind of behind where the conductor will stand.
Lillie shopping at the book fair.  She hasn't bought a book yet, but that will surely end today.  Like her mom, Lillie would really rather have all the books...even the Pete the Cat picture books!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lime Refresher

Good morning, it is Monday.

This week is student/teacher goal setting conferences for Lillie's and my school.  That means Lillie gets to come hang with me for an hour each day after school.  I think the office staffers will have fun jobs for Lillie to do, but if not she can just read a book or pester me.  Should be fun, and nice to have short days for a week.  The boys and Maren, no such luck...full days for them.

After Preston's soccer game yesterday he and I took a quick (or not so quick) swing by the south center mall area.  It was nice to know the roads as trying to find the soccer field his game was on proved to be an adventure.  My GPS added a "W" to the "S" in the address because we were trying to find Tukwila not Seattle...ugh.  We did find the game, not that is was fun.  P's team got stomped in the worse defeat it has ever had.  The coach likes to tell the players they need to find their winning ways, but he doesn't change a thing in the line up or the way in which they plan their strategy.  It seemed to me a few simple tweaks and the game would have been a totally different outcome.  But I'm not the coach so I just keep my opinion to myself and the blogging world:)  Back to the picture.  I received a Starbucks card for my birthday and Preston and I used some of it for a quick break.  Preston ordered a lime refresher and I a hot cocoa.  Yum!

See you tomorrow.  

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Duct Tape!

Good evening, it is Saturday Night!

I just watched the Huskies loose (boo!) and I may stay up to watch Saturday Night Live!  I'm enjoying watching the political spoofs as always.

I just realized I have not blogged in a week!  I didn't even realize it has been that long.  My work schedule has temporary changed to 45 minute earlier and I've been waking up early to exercise which has worked out well so far.  To go along with exercise I downloaded an app called My Plate by LiveSTRONG.  It is crazy how many calories I have been consuming with out even thinking about it.  Who knows how faithful I will be to this app, but it is an eye opener.  Bottom line, I need to reschedule my blogging to the evening, and I just may do that.  I don't like going a whole week blog free.

As I type Hansen is off at a youth group retreat at the church.  He was reluctant to attend, so I told him if he didn't  like it he could text me and I would come get him.  But I have not heard a thing, so he must be doing well.  I know his phone is working because Preston was texting him about an issue with the x-box.  Good for Hansen!  Preston was gone much of the evening too, he drove over to his girlfriend's house to hang out.

So what did Maren, Lillie, and I do while the boys were gone?  Out to eat at The Rock!  Yup, Lillie  had earned a free meal through school and Maren and I split a medium pizza.  I think pepperoni and pineapple may be my favorite combo.

By now you may be wondering why I named this blog Duct Tape.  Well, it is because Lillie and her friends have become duct tape fanatics.  They build purses, coin purses, bow ties, bracelets, you name it out of duct tape.  And the duct tape folks have taken notice.  You can buy duct tape in so many different colors and pasterns, it is amazing.  Today Maren and I took Lillie out to buy a few rolls of duct tape:
The patterned rolls cost about twice the amount as the solid rolls.  Lillie is showing off her three new rolls of tape!
The moment we got home she was creating!
And voila!  Check out her new purse.  After this picture was taken it was even decorated with the name Lillie! 
What is a picture of Snoopy doing here?  Well, Maren picked up the Deluxe Peanuts Holiday Collection.  It is great!  We already watched all three shows: It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Yay!

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkins and Chickens!

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Ready for a long blog post with a ton of pictures?  Me too!  I should have broken this blog post into a few different posts but too late for that now.  Let get rolling:
 John and Carol took us all out to dinner at the Golden Peacock for my birthday dinner.  Dinner was great and so were the left overs:)  Thanks John and Carol.
 Friday there was no school for the kids or work for us paras.  I went golfing!  This is not me in the bunker, but rather my golfing partner.  I played quite well and never was in a single bunker!  If you is raining in this picture.  We are finally getting rain.  I think we had like 80 straight days with zero rain, but over the last few days we have been reintroduced to rain in a big way.
 Lillie got to spend the night at John and Carol's house while Hansen was spending the night at his cousin's house.  On the way home we decided to take visit to a Pumpkin patch.  Lillie has not been liking the idea of buying pumpkins for carving at Safeway.  I'm glad we did go to the patch.  It may have been a few dollars more, but we had a great time...who cares about a little rain!
 Chickens were everywhere.
 We got to visit with a goat.  Thinking this fella liked Lillie's pony sweatshirt.
 Which pumpkin should we choose?
 Searching, searching, searching...
 We found three!  Here they are getting weighed for purchase.
 Lillie had a little kitten visitor while waiting for me to pay.
Yeah, turkeys too.
 This guy picked up a chicken for Lillie to pet.  He put it's head under it's wing and the chicken just fell asleep.  Crazy.  Lillie has been researching chicken coops and really wants one.  Maybe next summer.  Maybe.
 Today it was a craft bizarre after church.  Maren snapped this picture of Lillie.  I wasn't there as Preston was playing soccer.  The game ended in a 2-2 tie.  Preston had a great assist and some very nice crosses. 
We met up with tons of folks for Abby's 15th birthday party.  We also picked up Hansen from his overnight.  I think I need another weekend day to get ready for tomorrow :)

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

"Shakin' off the Blues"

Good morning, it is Thursday.

I had a very nice day yesterday.  Tons of friends posted birthday wishes on my FB wall, and some of my co-workers even sang to me.  Yay.  I got to choose a family outing for dinner, but rather than choosing Costco, I went with Taco Time.  It was great, the food was great, and our family had a very fun time.  I don't remember exactly what we were talking about, lost shoes, soda choices (yes this Taco Time has the fancy Coke machine where you make any flavor anything you want), but I do remember lots of fun.  Tonight is dinner at The Golden Peacock!
 Maren got me one of the coolest birthday presents ever.  It is a print from one of my favorite pieces of art, called "Shakin' off the Blues".  This print, hard to see in this picture is a copy from an original by Iris Scott.  She is a young artist from Covington who makes amazing paintings without brushes, finger painting.  Her website is here:  .  Anyhow, when I was an art docent for Lillie's class she came to an art night and showed off her prints and did a demonstration.  I really liked her and her artwork.  I believe the original of this painting is hanging somewhere in Children's Hospital?  Thanks Maren!   I spent some of the evening at Michael's getting it framed, it will go above the door in our house.
As yesterday was my birthday and tomorrow is Eric's is a joint party picture from like 34 years ago.  My mom sent me the pic yesterday, inspired by the cakes and yesterday's blog.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Very Julian Birthday!

Good morning, it is Wednesday!

Happy Birthday to ME!  Happy Birthday to ME!  Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I did a quick search for Julian Birthday Cakes and look at some of the cool cakes I found:
 A Julian Micky birthday...and a very yummy looking cake!
 Very heavy Julian birthday cake.  Don't know if I could even lift this cake.
 A King Julien birthday cake!  I like to shake it shake it.
 A Raiders Julian birthday cake.  Very cool, Go Seahawks!
 A Thomas The Tank Engine Julian birthday cake.  Back to the station Thomas.
 A Diary Of Wimpy Kid Julian birthday cake.  Awesome!
And my last cake of the show...A WWF Julian birthday cake!

The folks who made these Julian birthday cakes did an amazing job!  Hope they don't mind me sharing... after all, I am a Julian and it is my birthday.

Yup, ready for a great day!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Over the weekend Lillie got to be in a day long dance camp held by the Kentlake dance team.  Yup, Preston's school.  The camp ended by having the girls who attended perform the half time show for the Kentlake football game.  Lillie had a great time dancing and hanging with her friends.  Hansen came and had a fun time hanging out with his friends too.  And of course, Preston was in the band.  And the band sounded great I might add.
 The dance team for the high school is called the Flames.  The jr. high school program is called the Sparks, and I don't know what they call the elementary school kids...flint?  Over the loud speaker they were called the dance camp participants.  Lillie and a friend in there dance shirts.
 Performing the halftime show.  Lillie is behind our neighbor who is also a lieutenant of the dance team...the girl doing the splits on the left side of the picture.  Of course all the girls did a great job.
Here Lillie is hanging with another My Little Pony fan.

I will try to get some pics of Preston and Hansen for future blogs...lately it has been all Lillie all the time.  But then again, the boys are much more on their own.  Last night Preston drove himself to the library to hang with friends, study.  And Hansen walks to school and back with his friends then prefers the x-box once finished with homework and such.  Last night we did have a nice BBQ on the deck.  This has been a crazy long summer, thinking last night may have the last for the year.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Rainbow Dash!

Good evening, it is Friday.

Today a most anticipated package arrived at our doorstep.  No it wasn't the Taylormade Retro Raylor grip or the classic Ping Pal putter that I purchased off e-bay.  O.K...for me I love an old golf club that performs like new.  One of these days I will take a picture of the clubs I use like my favorite feature of Golf Magazine called "What's in the Bag".  But for now, lets talk about a package Lillie has been waiting for.  It is a Halloween costume/everyday wearer.  Are you ready?
 First you have to see a picture of Lillie and myself on picture day!  Yup, we both choose lime green!  Maren was thinking that lime green was not the color she would be choosing for picture day, but hey, Lillie and I like our lime green.
 O.K. here it is.  It's a new My Little Pony hoodie!  The hood has ears and a mane.  The back has wings.  The front has eyes and the side even has a cutie mark!  Lillie is now Rainbow Dash.  Her good pal is Apple Jack, and there are a few other kids at Lillie's school in their self proclaimed My Little Pony Club.  It is all too much.  Almost.  Look at the sweatshirt Maren purchased for me on the same order:
Yup, it is the Cat In The Hat and Rainbow Dash!  Actually Maren may wear this Cat Sweatshirt for her Halloween costume.  Unlike Rainbow Dash, the Cat hoodie may not actually be an everyday wearer.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

When life gives you apples...

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last week Maren purchased a couple of boxes of apples from a company from Eastern Washington who delivers.  These apples are great!  But to make sure that half of them don't go to waste in our "avoid fruits" family...Maren has gotten creative.
Yup, Apple Butter!  Yummy.  And this is not all.  We have also enjoyed a couple dishes of Apple Crisp.  If you are what you eat, I may be turning into an apple...better than a pear if you ask me.

See you tomorrow.