Thursday, September 06, 2012

Wishing on a Dandelion.

Good evening, it is Thursday.

I have just finished watching President Obama's speech.  I also watched former President Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama's speeches as well.  Wow, great!  To be fair, I did watch the Romney speech as well. I am a huge fan of the current Democrat Party and am very optimistic about our country's future.  I think my Republican friends (and I do seem to have many) are fueled by fear.  Fear of many different things.  I'm just glad that my personal little lala land is in a world where my glass is always half full.  And I sincerely hope that our kids grow up to be good citizens in a world where citizenship trumps individualism.  Because really, aren't we all in this together?  OK, if you didn't click away half way through my mini soap box, here are a few pic from the last couple of days:
 Lillie at the bus stop.  Yes, she is making a wish on a dandelion.  Do you think her wish is about homework?  Friends?  Freaky parents?  I didn't ask.
Hansen didn't want to stand in line to buy his own P.E. shirt, so we just changed the name on Preston's old P.E. shirt.
Yesterday Preston guest played for a year older team and they faced the Seattle Sounder's Academy Team.  It was quite an honor and Preston played very well.  He is number 21 in this very cool picture.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

Hi Julian, thanks, I agree with your statements in the soap-box paragraph. and the photos of the kids are great as always! love, susanna

Julian Slane said...

Thanks Susanna!

Amber said...