Thursday, September 13, 2012

William Shakespeare?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

The last few days have gone by in a blur.  I get home from work freaking exhausted, but I dare not say anything because I really only work 5 hours per day and for the most part have been doing fun stuff like helping 2nd grader find just right books from the teacher library.  Tuesday evening was a church council meeting that kept me away from home till after 9:00pm and last night was an open house at Preston's high school.  Preston attends Kentlake and I must say that I'm impressed.  I think the principal and staff are great, the facility is top notch, and the students are super!  It is a big school, 4A with probably about 2,000 students.
In Preston's English class I'm pretty sure I saw William Shakespeare!  The way this evening worked was all the parents started in the gym, then we followed our student's schedules from class to class.  We spent about 10 minutes per class listening to the teacher tell us about the class and it's expectations   I recognized plenty of parents from years of school functions.  I had fun.  Let's not forget the BBQ burger I was served along with all the other parents before the function even began.  yum!

Preston has a very rigorous schedule filled with Honors and AP classes.  He is in the top level band and is taking a U of W Pre-Calculus class.  I am very impressed!  I'm not even being pandering to my son at all.  His class schedule and his ability to do a such a good job are something I am in awe of.  Luckily he gets all these skills from his mom:)

Tonight I get to do this all again at Hansen's jr. high school.  I wonder who I will see tonight?

See you tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Hey, he gets that stuff from you, too. Well, not the calculus, but you always did a great job and the teachers thought you were wonderful. I remember lots of open house nights, but I never saw Shakespeare or got burgers - Preston's school definitely is special!

Julian Slane said...

Aww, thanks mom:) You may be right, but my report cards never quite resembled those of Maren's or the kid's report cards.