Tuesday, September 04, 2012

S'more summer please!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

After two days of school, we had a nice three day weekend.  The weather was fine and we all did the things we enjoy from soccering with friends, playing video games, overnights with friends, golfing, lounging at the pool, shopping sales, walking to garage sales, and just hanging out.
 Hansen got it in his mind that he needed new gaming headphones.  So he worked in the yard all day on Saturday to fund a trip to the store.  Now he has these cool gaming headphones that let him hear the game in surround sound as well as talk to his friends and co-gamers.  The best thing about these for Hansen is that he can totally ignore everyone and blame the headphones.
 We had time to BBQ in the back yard.  Check out this s'more!  That's right, we had the world's largest s'mores...maybe not world's largest, but they were pretty darn big.  Fall is in the air which leaves me wishing for s'more summer!
 We did lots of indoor projects too.  Mostly Maren did indoor projects, but I did get this project done that I have been working on.  Picked up frames, cut our Disney Art Studio drawings to fit, then hung them in the game room.  There is one more Mickey on the side wall.
We spent a short afternoon at the pool.  It was not too crowed which was nice.  Here Maren and Lillie are enjoying lounging with President Obama.  Yup, have enjoyed watching the comedians of the world have fun with Clint's empty chair at the RNC.

See you tomorrow.


Phiaton said...

Question for you. what store did you get your sons head phones at?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha,lounging with President Obama - very funny!