Sunday, September 30, 2012

Look who's driving!

Good evening, it is Sunday.

I have not posted for a few days, but that doesn't mean we have been doing nothing.  The big news is that Preston now has his driver's license!  Yup, he is legal to drive all by himself.
 When we showed up at the DOL Preston had to just wait in the van for the instructor to show up. He drew a nice fellow to be his examiner.  When the guy got into the van he asked Preston how he was doing.  Preston replied he was nervous but good.  The guy replied, "you're nervous?  I'm the one in the passenger seat!"  hahaha.  Well, Preston passed with points to spare!
 And here his is for his first ever solo drive.  Yup, a trip to Sarai's house.  Made it there and back with no trouble at all.  Way to go Preston.
 Preston's soccer team had a fun get together over the weekend.  Preston is at the end of the table with is friends.  If you notice in the background, Hansen and Lillie are even having a good time!
In the evening it was off to the Supermall to check out the Halloween store.  Phew, were there some scary masks there!
Lillie wouldn't step on the "step here" I did.  And both Lillie and I practically jumped out our skin when this huge spider leaped out of us at break neck speeds!
And lastly, it was College day at school last week.  My friend Mike is a proud WSU Cougar...I mean, check out his socks!

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

You can always tell who's going to win the election by which candidate sells the most Halloween masks, right?

Congrats to Preston!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I'm glad that spider didn't jump out at me! It looks like Preston's going to be an excellent driver - way to go!