Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I love my Sweatshirt!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Today is a late start day for our school district, so naturally I have to go to work earlier than normal for a meeting.  Hansen will be joining a bunch of friends at I-hop for breakfast then walking to school.  How cool is that?  And Preston gets to sleep in later than any of us for a change.

Today is also "wear you favorite college shirt" day for the district as support education I guess.  I am wearing my new U of W sweatshirt that Maren bought me.  It is actually the first time I've worn it, I even had to cut a store tag off of it.
So hear you go...a picture of me.  I took this picture just now with the reverse camera on my phone.  Cool huh?  Go Huskies!

And how about those Seahawks?!?  What a crazy thing Monday Night Football was!  So many poor calls!  I am enjoying watching the big money sports world and even the politicians beg the NFL to bring back the union refs.  Of course, if this was a teacher's union on strike these same folks would be complaining that anyone can teach and how dare they strike.  Well, not anyone can teach, and apparently not anyone can ref either.

See you tomorrow.

P.S.  When I typed "I love my sweatshirt", the Adam Sandler song came rushing into the front of my mind.  Now I will be singing it all day today: I love my hooded sweatshirt.

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Anonymous said...

Nice sweatshirt!