Sunday, September 23, 2012

Homecoming and Birthdays.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Ah, Sunday morning and a few minutes to catch my breath.  The last time I posted on my blog it was Preston's birthday...and today is Amber's birthday.  Happy Birthday Amber!  I will post a fun picture of you at the end of my blog!  But for now, let check out some homecoming and birthday pictures:
 On his birthday I let Preston choose a lottery scratch ticket.  No, he is not 18...Yes, I was there doing all the money stuff, Preston was just the good luck charm.  Besides, I think the Lottery is designed for birthdays:)  Preston chose a $1.00 ticket and we won $1.00!  We reinvested that $1.00 and added a buck to buy a $2.00 ticket...Preston saw a Lemon themed ticket.  And boom!  $20.00 winner!  I gave the $20 to Preston (actually I owed him $11.00 from a school purchase) and Preston was a birthday lottery winner!
 This cake was made by Carol and John.  This was Preston's first 20 minute 16th birthday party last weekend as he then had to blitz off to a soccer game.  Down below I will post a picture of me and Amber on my 16th birthday...since it is Amber's birthday today.
Lillie made Preston's birthday cake that we ate on Preston's actual birthday day.  Lillie did it all with just a little help from Maren on the baking and myself on the frosting.  The wig is due to the getting down the Halloween boxes.  Before we ate this cake, we took Preston out to The Rock for a birthday pizza dinner.  Even this dinner was somewhat rushed as he then had to go to school for Rally Night as it was Homecoming week.

OK,  On to homecoming stuff:
The first picture is the one you're waiting for.  Preston and his date Sarai.  They are a very cute couple indeed.  
Last Thursday night was the Homecoming Football game.  Kentlake played Auburn Riverside that night.  The home side of the stands were packed full of parents, kids, students, and the band.  The away side, not so much.  At halftime the band took the field for show.  Preston is way in the back left of this picture.
The Homecoming court was introduced and paraded out the middle of the field.  The band switched things up a bit and Preston is in the front row beyond the court on the 40 yard line.  The princess were paraded in on convertible cars while the guys just walked.  A few of Preston's buddies were in the court, so that was fun to watch as well.  How did the football game go you ask?  We were down 0-10 at halftime and came back to win in style with a 14-7 victory!
 Preston and Sarai went to Homecoming with several other couples.  Many of the guys have been friends since the 3rd grade!  How cool is that?
Preston and Sarai at the house where they all gathered before departing to dinner and the dance.
And a happy birthday picture for Amber.  Yes it is her birthday today, so the picture I post for her is of my 16th birthday...haha.  Actually, in this picture of myself and Amber we are pretty much the exact same ages as Preston and Lillie are today.  If you go back to the second picture, you can kind of see the resemblance.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

What cute kids! (including those last two) love, susanna

Amber said...

Julian, I'd like to see Preston and Lillie do a photo recreation of the last picture - THEN we can see the resemblances!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Julian Slane said...

Glad you had a nice birthday Amber. And say hi to mom for me. Lillie and Preston are Slanes to be sure, but asking them to do photo recreations...that's a slippery slope:)