Friday, September 14, 2012

An Obama Chia Pet!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night was Hansen's Jr. high school's open house.  I had a great time as I did at Preston's high school the night before.  Just like Preston, Hansen has a grueling schedule.  Honors and advanced classes across the board.  Rather than band, Hansen has elected to be on Annual.  This looks like a very cool and fun class.  It seems that the jr. high open house was better attended percentage wise to me as the classes all had more parents.  Hansen has plenty of friends in his classes and 6th period was particularly fun.  It was like a reunion of all the parents of all Hansen's friends in one class!  Us parents were chatting away about the great schedule and such when the Honors English teacher said she could tell that us parents were going to have as much trouble quieting down as our kids do in this class!  Yikes.  Busted.  Yes, I did stop talking:)
I had to take a picture this corner of Hansen's Social Studies class.  Have you ever seen a Scandinavian Christmas Goat separated from a Pink Floyd poster by an Obama Chia Pet?  Hansen calls it a Barackoli Chia Pet.  Yeah, AWESOME!  Hansen has a great schedule with great teachers.  Hansen is an amazing student like his brother...which may be a good thing or a pressure see, most of his teachers will have had Preston too.  Luckily Hansen doesn't mind being Preston's younger brother!

See you tomorrow

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Ellen said...

Ha ha, busted for talking! Sounds like it'll be a good school year for Hansen.