Sunday, September 30, 2012

Look who's driving!

Good evening, it is Sunday.

I have not posted for a few days, but that doesn't mean we have been doing nothing.  The big news is that Preston now has his driver's license!  Yup, he is legal to drive all by himself.
 When we showed up at the DOL Preston had to just wait in the van for the instructor to show up. He drew a nice fellow to be his examiner.  When the guy got into the van he asked Preston how he was doing.  Preston replied he was nervous but good.  The guy replied, "you're nervous?  I'm the one in the passenger seat!"  hahaha.  Well, Preston passed with points to spare!
 And here his is for his first ever solo drive.  Yup, a trip to Sarai's house.  Made it there and back with no trouble at all.  Way to go Preston.
 Preston's soccer team had a fun get together over the weekend.  Preston is at the end of the table with is friends.  If you notice in the background, Hansen and Lillie are even having a good time!
In the evening it was off to the Supermall to check out the Halloween store.  Phew, were there some scary masks there!
Lillie wouldn't step on the "step here" I did.  And both Lillie and I practically jumped out our skin when this huge spider leaped out of us at break neck speeds!
And lastly, it was College day at school last week.  My friend Mike is a proud WSU Cougar...I mean, check out his socks!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I love my Sweatshirt!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Today is a late start day for our school district, so naturally I have to go to work earlier than normal for a meeting.  Hansen will be joining a bunch of friends at I-hop for breakfast then walking to school.  How cool is that?  And Preston gets to sleep in later than any of us for a change.

Today is also "wear you favorite college shirt" day for the district as support education I guess.  I am wearing my new U of W sweatshirt that Maren bought me.  It is actually the first time I've worn it, I even had to cut a store tag off of it.
So hear you go...a picture of me.  I took this picture just now with the reverse camera on my phone.  Cool huh?  Go Huskies!

And how about those Seahawks?!?  What a crazy thing Monday Night Football was!  So many poor calls!  I am enjoying watching the big money sports world and even the politicians beg the NFL to bring back the union refs.  Of course, if this was a teacher's union on strike these same folks would be complaining that anyone can teach and how dare they strike.  Well, not anyone can teach, and apparently not anyone can ref either.

See you tomorrow.

P.S.  When I typed "I love my sweatshirt", the Adam Sandler song came rushing into the front of my mind.  Now I will be singing it all day today: I love my hooded sweatshirt.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Homecoming and Birthdays.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Ah, Sunday morning and a few minutes to catch my breath.  The last time I posted on my blog it was Preston's birthday...and today is Amber's birthday.  Happy Birthday Amber!  I will post a fun picture of you at the end of my blog!  But for now, let check out some homecoming and birthday pictures:
 On his birthday I let Preston choose a lottery scratch ticket.  No, he is not 18...Yes, I was there doing all the money stuff, Preston was just the good luck charm.  Besides, I think the Lottery is designed for birthdays:)  Preston chose a $1.00 ticket and we won $1.00!  We reinvested that $1.00 and added a buck to buy a $2.00 ticket...Preston saw a Lemon themed ticket.  And boom!  $20.00 winner!  I gave the $20 to Preston (actually I owed him $11.00 from a school purchase) and Preston was a birthday lottery winner!
 This cake was made by Carol and John.  This was Preston's first 20 minute 16th birthday party last weekend as he then had to blitz off to a soccer game.  Down below I will post a picture of me and Amber on my 16th birthday...since it is Amber's birthday today.
Lillie made Preston's birthday cake that we ate on Preston's actual birthday day.  Lillie did it all with just a little help from Maren on the baking and myself on the frosting.  The wig is due to the getting down the Halloween boxes.  Before we ate this cake, we took Preston out to The Rock for a birthday pizza dinner.  Even this dinner was somewhat rushed as he then had to go to school for Rally Night as it was Homecoming week.

OK,  On to homecoming stuff:
The first picture is the one you're waiting for.  Preston and his date Sarai.  They are a very cute couple indeed.  
Last Thursday night was the Homecoming Football game.  Kentlake played Auburn Riverside that night.  The home side of the stands were packed full of parents, kids, students, and the band.  The away side, not so much.  At halftime the band took the field for show.  Preston is way in the back left of this picture.
The Homecoming court was introduced and paraded out the middle of the field.  The band switched things up a bit and Preston is in the front row beyond the court on the 40 yard line.  The princess were paraded in on convertible cars while the guys just walked.  A few of Preston's buddies were in the court, so that was fun to watch as well.  How did the football game go you ask?  We were down 0-10 at halftime and came back to win in style with a 14-7 victory!
 Preston and Sarai went to Homecoming with several other couples.  Many of the guys have been friends since the 3rd grade!  How cool is that?
Preston and Sarai at the house where they all gathered before departing to dinner and the dance.
And a happy birthday picture for Amber.  Yes it is her birthday today, so the picture I post for her is of my 16th birthday...haha.  Actually, in this picture of myself and Amber we are pretty much the exact same ages as Preston and Lillie are today.  If you go back to the second picture, you can kind of see the resemblance.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

16. Sweet.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.
Happy Birthday to Preston!  Today we will try to squeak a little family birthday party in after school and before Preston has to go back to school for Rally Night.  Yup, it is Homecoming week for his school.  Rally Night tonight, Football game tomorrow, and the dance on Saturday.  Sounds like a great week for a 16th birthday to me!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, September 17, 2012

We did the Puyallup Fair!

Good morning, it is Monday.

You can do it at a trot, you can do it at a gallop, you can do it real slow so your heart don't palpitate, just don't be late, do the Puyallup.  I don't think this is the fair's jingle these days, but it is what comes to mind whenever I think the Puyallup Fair.  So we did it...Saturday morning:

The fair brings lots of expectations if you're a kid.  Rides, food, animals, games, prizes, more rides, more food, no more animals, more prizes, and so on and so on.  As to help Maren and my wallets from just making the "swooshhhhh" sound of money disappearing the entire time, I only promised the kids two things.  Ice-cream and a foot massage.
So here thy are...eating ice-cream and enjoying a foot massage!  Yes, we brought cousins to the fair!  Claire and Alex joined us while Miles had a soccer game.  
 And we did get to go on rides.  Here Preston accompanies Lillie and Claire on some crazy ride.
 And we did win Prizes.  In fact, Hansen won the biggest prize you could get at the fair with his amazing ring toss!  Yup, Freak'n Hot!
 Hansen with his prize.  If you notice, we got there before the crowd.  But by the time we were leaving you couldn't even walk without dodging thousands of folks.  Glad Hansen won this early!
I won Lillie and Claire matching Lemurs for the second year in a row!
 Maren and I carried this thing out the the car for Hansen, but we probably should have made him carry it around the fair for an hour or so.  You would't believe the looks we got and the comments, but for some reason I couldn't even sell it for cheap...and I did try...not really.  And yes, I would have rather left the fair with this yellow Camaro I'm standing in front of!
 Animals!  Sure it stunk like cow poop in cow area.  Duh.  We also saw dogs, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and baby turkeys.  We went the wrong weekend to see the cats.
 Preston and Maren at the fair.
Hansen and Alex at the fair.
Yes, Lillie and Claire totally coordinated their matching outfits right down the matching lemurs and Lillie's fake glasses.

Some how we managed to get this giant prize in the car.  And it will live in Hansen's room forever!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, September 14, 2012

An Obama Chia Pet!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Last night was Hansen's Jr. high school's open house.  I had a great time as I did at Preston's high school the night before.  Just like Preston, Hansen has a grueling schedule.  Honors and advanced classes across the board.  Rather than band, Hansen has elected to be on Annual.  This looks like a very cool and fun class.  It seems that the jr. high open house was better attended percentage wise to me as the classes all had more parents.  Hansen has plenty of friends in his classes and 6th period was particularly fun.  It was like a reunion of all the parents of all Hansen's friends in one class!  Us parents were chatting away about the great schedule and such when the Honors English teacher said she could tell that us parents were going to have as much trouble quieting down as our kids do in this class!  Yikes.  Busted.  Yes, I did stop talking:)
I had to take a picture this corner of Hansen's Social Studies class.  Have you ever seen a Scandinavian Christmas Goat separated from a Pink Floyd poster by an Obama Chia Pet?  Hansen calls it a Barackoli Chia Pet.  Yeah, AWESOME!  Hansen has a great schedule with great teachers.  Hansen is an amazing student like his brother...which may be a good thing or a pressure see, most of his teachers will have had Preston too.  Luckily Hansen doesn't mind being Preston's younger brother!

See you tomorrow

Thursday, September 13, 2012

William Shakespeare?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

The last few days have gone by in a blur.  I get home from work freaking exhausted, but I dare not say anything because I really only work 5 hours per day and for the most part have been doing fun stuff like helping 2nd grader find just right books from the teacher library.  Tuesday evening was a church council meeting that kept me away from home till after 9:00pm and last night was an open house at Preston's high school.  Preston attends Kentlake and I must say that I'm impressed.  I think the principal and staff are great, the facility is top notch, and the students are super!  It is a big school, 4A with probably about 2,000 students.
In Preston's English class I'm pretty sure I saw William Shakespeare!  The way this evening worked was all the parents started in the gym, then we followed our student's schedules from class to class.  We spent about 10 minutes per class listening to the teacher tell us about the class and it's expectations   I recognized plenty of parents from years of school functions.  I had fun.  Let's not forget the BBQ burger I was served along with all the other parents before the function even began.  yum!

Preston has a very rigorous schedule filled with Honors and AP classes.  He is in the top level band and is taking a U of W Pre-Calculus class.  I am very impressed!  I'm not even being pandering to my son at all.  His class schedule and his ability to do a such a good job are something I am in awe of.  Luckily he gets all these skills from his mom:)

Tonight I get to do this all again at Hansen's jr. high school.  I wonder who I will see tonight?

See you tomorrow.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Sidewalk Chalk.

Good morning, it is Monday.

What did this weekend bring?  Lillie had an overnight, Preston had a soccer game and asked Sarai to the Homecoming dance, Hansen got to hang out, I played in and helped score the Marta Golf Tournament, and it was Rally Sunday at church to get ready for the new year of Sunday very busy as usual.
 Homecoming is in just a couple of weeks which seems crazy early to me, but what do I know?  Preston says that all the kids do creative things when asking a girl to a dance these days.  Preston (with a little help from his mom) picked up flowers and sidewalk chalk.  Then drew in huge letters, Homecoming in Sarai's driveway (no help from his mom here) so when she got home...there it was.
 And she said yes!  I think it may have been a done deal as they have been dating for a while now. Preston's soccer team also won their first regular season game over a Washington Premier team and looked very solid in the process.
 At Rally Sunday Lillie had "zebra" painted on her cheek to match her sweatshirt.  The face paint is not too fancy, the kid sure is.  I should have taken a picture of Hansen and Lillie with their snow cones.  The snow cone machine was a big hit. 
I took this picture from a lookout tower at Snohomish Golf Course.  Captain Bob is teeing off in this picture.  He was totally on fire and he and his partner won the tournament with a best ball score of 7 under.  My partner and I were 3 under for third place.  Captain Bob always plays his best golf in this tournament.  Last time I won the even I was his partner.  The trick is that he runs a triathlon in the morning and is so exhausted that he can't do anything but hit great shots.  Amazing really.  

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Wishing on a Dandelion.

Good evening, it is Thursday.

I have just finished watching President Obama's speech.  I also watched former President Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama's speeches as well.  Wow, great!  To be fair, I did watch the Romney speech as well. I am a huge fan of the current Democrat Party and am very optimistic about our country's future.  I think my Republican friends (and I do seem to have many) are fueled by fear.  Fear of many different things.  I'm just glad that my personal little lala land is in a world where my glass is always half full.  And I sincerely hope that our kids grow up to be good citizens in a world where citizenship trumps individualism.  Because really, aren't we all in this together?  OK, if you didn't click away half way through my mini soap box, here are a few pic from the last couple of days:
 Lillie at the bus stop.  Yes, she is making a wish on a dandelion.  Do you think her wish is about homework?  Friends?  Freaky parents?  I didn't ask.
Hansen didn't want to stand in line to buy his own P.E. shirt, so we just changed the name on Preston's old P.E. shirt.
Yesterday Preston guest played for a year older team and they faced the Seattle Sounder's Academy Team.  It was quite an honor and Preston played very well.  He is number 21 in this very cool picture.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Art Table.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Lately I have been thinking of resurfacing the kid's art table.  We have had it for probably five years now and it is has been well loved.  From day one I have never minded it the kids got markings on it because I think it looks cool that way.  But lately it has just looked dirty rather than artsy, so yesterday was the day.
 When Lillie saw me bringing it outside and setting up the sander, she wanted to help.
 Even the neighborhood girls had to see what was up.  The neighborhood girls all got to check out the electrical sander, but Lillie was still the star of the sanding show.
And in the end the art table is back where it belongs.  Not perfect or stained or anything like that.  But much cleaner and ready for another five years worth of art table.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

S'more summer please!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

After two days of school, we had a nice three day weekend.  The weather was fine and we all did the things we enjoy from soccering with friends, playing video games, overnights with friends, golfing, lounging at the pool, shopping sales, walking to garage sales, and just hanging out.
 Hansen got it in his mind that he needed new gaming headphones.  So he worked in the yard all day on Saturday to fund a trip to the store.  Now he has these cool gaming headphones that let him hear the game in surround sound as well as talk to his friends and co-gamers.  The best thing about these for Hansen is that he can totally ignore everyone and blame the headphones.
 We had time to BBQ in the back yard.  Check out this s'more!  That's right, we had the world's largest s'mores...maybe not world's largest, but they were pretty darn big.  Fall is in the air which leaves me wishing for s'more summer!
 We did lots of indoor projects too.  Mostly Maren did indoor projects, but I did get this project done that I have been working on.  Picked up frames, cut our Disney Art Studio drawings to fit, then hung them in the game room.  There is one more Mickey on the side wall.
We spent a short afternoon at the pool.  It was not too crowed which was nice.  Here Maren and Lillie are enjoying lounging with President Obama.  Yup, have enjoyed watching the comedians of the world have fun with Clint's empty chair at the RNC.

See you tomorrow.