Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Future?!?

Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

This weekend ended up being a great weekend spent with cousins!  Yup, dinner and hanging out at the pool led to overnights for the littles and then dinner and the Seahawks game for all of us the next night.  Fun times with cousins for sure!
 Miles really enjoyed the pool as well as the rest of the kiddos and us adults.  At 90 degrees the pool is the place to be!
The adults of the group with Preston at the end.  We were all hanging out in the pool deck as that is  the rule as Miles has his life-jacket on.  This pic cracks me up, I also took one with everyone looking at me, but straight ahead is fun too.  We all had been in the pool before dinner, but after dinner is was just hanging out.
 Kraig and his cool glasses.  Kraig said he was out running the other day with his gray LiveSTRONG gear and these glasses and as he passed a couple of kids he heard one of them say to the other, "Wow!  That guy is from the future!"  Awesome.
 Preston reading his summer reading.  This book is not all that engaging.  We took turns reading it aloud and now we all feel sorry for Preston.  But he is not alone, all of his fellow honors English classmates are reading the same book...about how difficult the English language is.
 Hansen got in the water!  And he and Lillie had a great time.  As did we all.
Maren enjoying a little bottle of wine at the pool.  

Lillie spent the night at Claire's house as Alex spent the night at our house.  Maren had a tour of the i-school at the U of W on Saturday morning so Hansen, Alex and I drove her then hung out at the U of W for a few hours.  I had a great time.  The boys didn't like walking so much, but they did enjoy the campus for sure.  And lunch.
 A the main entrance of the the U of W.
 My favorite part of the trip was to the lower level of the book store where I spent plenty of time buying books "back in the day".  Hansen checking out Engineering books.  And the prices...yikes!
 So many great choices of hats!  Go Huskies!
Next to the Broken Obelisk in front of the Suzzallo Library.  When in college both Maren and I worked in this library.  Those were fun times for sure.  I won't be at all surprised at all if this is the campus that Hansen spends many a college day at either.  Not so sure about Preston and Lillie, maybe PLU and WSU respectively?  Only time will tell.

See you tomorrow.


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Amber said...

Hahahaha, LIVESTRONG + Oakley = the future. I love it!