Saturday, August 11, 2012

Squirrels? McKayla is not impressed.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

We have had a perfectly busy last few days.  Just today I did the men's breakfast at church, chaired the Worship and Music Committee's monthly meeting, treated the deck, steamer cleanered the carpet, brought Preston to his girlfriend's house then picked him up, bought KFC for dinner, and now I'm watching the Seattle Sounders on TV.  Was watching the Seahawks for a bit, but the Sounders are playing a real game and it is just pre-season for the NFL.  I do have some pics from the last few days to share with you as well:
Today is actually the only day in the last four days that Lillie has not been at the pool.  On Wednesday we met Jack, Avery, Mel, John and Carol at the pool for a very fun afternoon.  Here Jack and Avery are sporting their floaties, but really they are pretty good swimmers.  I played a game with Lillie and the twins where I would hold Lillie in the pool like a baby and ask questions.  If she got the question right, nothing, but if she got it wrong...big toss in the water.  Avery was having nothing to do with me holding her like a baby, but she did let me have her give me the questions (she would whisper the question in my ear, then I would ask Lillie).  They were great!  Q 1: What do Squirrels eat?  Q 2: What do Squirrels like to do?  Q 3:  What color is a Squirrel's fur?  To funny!  Avery sure is a Squirrel expert.
 Here Jack is on the way to sneak Preston's shoe into the recycle can.  Yup, payback!  Preston was messing around with Jack and put his shoe in the recycle bin.  But Jack was not so pleased.  It's all fun and games until someone's shoe ends up in the recycle bin!
And in Olympic news.  I have been watching too much Olympics if that is possible.  I just think the whole viral buzz and the joke meme pictures of 'McKayla is Not Impressed" are too funny.  There are too many great ones, but I do like this one:  Epic Olympic Soccer Goals?  Please...McKayla is not impressed.  Of course McKayla got a silver and is a totally amazing gymnast...the camera just got her giving a "not impressed" smirk and it went viral.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I love the squirrel questions!
Here are my answers:
1. nuts
2. run on fences and climb trees
3. brown

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