Saturday, August 04, 2012

Soccer, Shopping, and Dorito Tacos.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

This the hottest weekend of the year so far has been spent going to soccer games nearly 2 hours away by car.  How hot is it?  Only in the 90s...but we don't have air-conditioning, and this is the Pacific NW.  Getting a head of things, we will hang at the pool tomorrow as Preston doesn't have any games tomorrow.
 Friday Maren was working so Lillie and Hansen got to come...had to come?  No, got to come.  Along with Preston and three  teammates for a loaded down van for a long drive.  Getting ready to watch some soccer!  Lillie opted for a golf umbrella and some shade while Hansen stuck to his ear-buds and some music.
 After a tough loss and not wanting to go near rush hour traffic back, we opted for dinner then the outlet stores for some school shopping.  Lillie stuck to the Justice outlets.  Hansen and Preston were more fans of the Nike store.
 The drive home...a ton of sleeping.  How Lillie can rest next to the stinky feet of Preston's teammate is beyond me.  The other two boys we took up to the tournament stayed and camped along with some of the team.
 Day two allowed the littles to stay at home while John and Stef came up to see the second of the day's game.  While the team lost all three games, Preston had a very good game in game three and scored 3 of the 4 goals scored by the team this weekend.  That's right, I took a picture of John taking a picture of Preston.
We stopped at Taco Bell for a Dorito Taco...or in Preston's case, four Dorito Tacos.  Here Stef is getting into the Dorito Taco loconess too.

Ok, back to sitting in front of the fan and watching Olympics.

See you tomorrow.


sussah said...

I love to take pictures of photographers caught in the act. there are several in my jazz fest photos. love, susanna

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