Thursday, August 23, 2012

Orange Fenders.

Good evening, it is Thursday evening.

It sure feels like summer is winding down.  School starts in less than a week and it is getting dark before 8:00am.  It has not been too cold yet, but you can sure feel it is on the way.  The good news is that we have been enjoying our last few days of summer and it is not over yet.  I saw a sign that said how school was beginning on Thursday and resistance is futile.  We are resisting!  Here are a few random pics:
 Biking on the Cedar River trail with Hansen.  I feel like I have posted a pic like this in the past.
 Ah, getting some treats at the Supermall.
 A zebra ride on the carousel.  I feel like I may have posted a similar pic to this in the past.
 Zumiez is like a magnet for Preston when it comes to school shopping.  Sweatshirts and shoes this trip.  Yes, Lillie is along for some fashion guidance.
 Preston and Connor on bicycles.  They ride to the local church and kick the soccer ball around.
 Lillie and I rode bikes to take her to her friend's house for an overnight.  Today we raised the seat and the handlebars, so the bike has a bit more room for her now.  This bike will be too small next summer for sure.
 Lillie and her friend just goofing around.
Spongebob!  Yes, This ball only sees action if my game is sucking!  But I do have fun:)

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all the pix. Cute golf ball!

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AWESOME Pictures I love all the posts here.....