Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

On Monday my sister Amber delivered Clark!  Yup, Amber, Chuck, and Aurora now have a foursome.  Maren and I have a new nephew, and Preston, Hansen, and Lillie have a new cousin!
This picture is of my sister Amber and Clark that I borrowed from Amber's FB page.  How cute are these two?

So what else has been happening around here?  Over the last weekend (my last blog) Lillie got to spend the night at Nana's house while the rest of us were soccering.  I'm sure there is a picture out there somewhere of Lillie and Nana on their respective sewing machines.  We found Lillie a sewing machine and they set it up at John and Carol's house.  Also during the same overnight Lillie lost a tooth!
 This is one of the pictures Lillie sent me.  The others were of the big hole in her mouth accompanied by words like "bloody pit where my tooth used to be".
 The next morning was the pool.  Here Lillie is hanging out with her American Girl doll and they are wearing matcher swimsuits.  Yes, it is all too much:)
This picture is of Preston (left) playing Derek in soccer tennis.  Rumor has it that Derek started out fast and won!  But his feet paid the price.  No picture of the huge broken blisters.
Here is a picture of Maren with her new fancy sunglasses.  Of course, after a weekend of 90+ degree days, the sun has disappeared and we may never need sunglasses again.

Showing the picture of Maren reminds me of the landing of the Mars Rover.  Only because she was glued to her ipad watching all the scientist celebrate and reading the tweets from all her library world.  This is one of my favorite pictures that the Mars Rover has already relayed back to earth:
 No, that is not Clark.  Clark is much cuter and in Texas, not on Mars.  The Mars Rover is named the Curiosity and if it landed on a Martian would have been Curiosity that killed it.  Thus proving a universal truth...

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Julian = Walter Mitty. You sure you don't want to be a professional comedian? You are too funny.

From Molly

sussah said...

Hi Julian, thanks for posting the cute photo of Amber and Clark, I don't usually go on facebook. they are very cute. love, susanna

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's great that Clark is here!

Very cool matching swimsuits and quite the shades!

Amber said...

Matcher swimsuits?!?! It's too much!

Thanks for the shout out :)