Thursday, August 02, 2012

A Hydroplane?

Good evening, it is Thursday.

The last week has been fall weather in the summer, but the sun came out today!  And it is scheduled to be like 90 degree weather.  So what do we do when it is that hot on Seafair weekend?  Go to the pool?  Wild Waves?  Hydroplane races?  The mall?  Nope, soccer tournament.

But today the kids and I spent much of the day on walk for Slurpees and a haircut.
 On the way.
 I tried to get a picture of all us at one point.  Not bad.
 Decisions, decisions, decisions.
 Enjoying a brief drink on the curb before heading over to SportsClips.  We left Preston there and checked out Big Lots and Big 5.
 Preston found us with his new haircut!  Styling.  The kid has looked a bit taller of late, like way taller than myself.  We measured him today and with very little rounding he is now 6ft tall!  One of the soccer coaches was talking to him about being super smooth for a "tall guy"...who knew?
 On the way home we couldn't decide if this cloud was a crab, a hydroplane, or a hawk.
 This evening it was a fire pit night.  Hansen did all the work for us. 
A roaring fire indeed!  He also ate most of the candy:)  Nicely done kiddo.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, cool firepit! Preston's haircut is stylin' for sure!

Hmm...the cloud looks to me like a little puppy. Wagging tail on the left, little running feet on the bottom, ears at the top and nose almost to the wires.