Thursday, August 30, 2012

1st Day Jitters

Good evening, it is Thursday.

Today was the first day of school.  And I have to say that from what we have heard from the kids, it was a great day!  From classes to friends, super.  This year brings three different schools and three different leave times for the kids.  So what to do about first day of school pictures?  Let me show you:
Preston has to leave for school before Lillie even wakes up!  As he was the first to leave, he got the first picture.
Hansen is the guy in the middle.  Wakes up second of the kids and leaves second too.
Lillie is the last to leave.  Yes, she gets to sleep in a bit longer than the rest of us, lucky Lillie.
So with a little editing, now we have one picture of all three kiddos heading off to school.  Wacky huh?

See you tomorrow.

P.S. First Day Jitters is a very cute book to read to a kid about being nervous for the first day of school....spoiler is the teacher who has the first day jitters.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flying Mustaches!

Good morning, it is Wednesday

...the last day of summer.  That's right, tomorrow the kids and I start school for the year.  The kids have their school supplies and clothes and are ready.  But is the school ready for them?  Not quite. Lillie is in a great class of kids who as of last night didn't have a teacher.  For open house we just put her supplies in an empty desk and will hope they hire a great teacher soon.  And Hansen's school doesn't have schedules for incoming 7th graders just yet.  Tomorrow will be a rolling start where all 7th graders have orientation, get schedules, then go to a short version of their classes while the 8th graders start late.  Preston is the only one with a complete schedule and is set to go.  Luckily the littles can roll with the punches and will be just fine stating school with a world of uncertainty.

As you have noticed, I have not blogged for a short while.  Last Friday I headed up to Bellingham with Preston's soccer team for their last tournament before the regular season begins.  The team had a good tournament, loosing in the semi-finals to the team who easily won the whole thing.  Once back it was a trip to the Glass Museum and some fun at home too.  O.K., now for a bunch of pictures:
 Showing up for some soccer in Bellingham.  Preston is on the left with a couple of other teammates who rode up with us.  I took a few pictures of the sky and Mt. Hood, but I like the ones with the kids more.
 Here Preston is cruising up the field with the ball.
 The taco truck.  One of the favorite dinner spots for several of us dads.  The kids preferred Subway, but the burritos here were awesome.
 Swung by the waterfront on the drive back.  Wow, look at that!  Yeah, just being goofy.
A few days later, on the way to the Glass Museum in Tacoma.  Maren was meeting her friend Judy for lunch while the littles and I roamed the Glass museum.  We took this train into town.
 On the bridge over the freeway.  The dome in the background is the main glass blowing room in the museum.
 And inside the dome.  I had a picture of the artist working the glass, but I don't know where it went just yet.  Anyhow, we saw some amazing work in the glass blowing room as a popular glass artist was working on creating glass angels which were about two feet tall.  Very cool!
 Roaming around the museum, Lillie thought these were flying mustaches!  I like it.
 Hansen really enjoyed the intricate aspects of the art.
 And back onto the mustache theme.  Lillie took this picture of me.
 They have a monthly contest for kids to design a fun project for a glass artist.  Here Lillie is submitting Waffle Man!
 Back at home.  Hansen and a few friends have been building ramps and jumping their bikes.  I love to see this as this is how I spent many many hours of my youth...jumping my bicycle.
 Hansen is just too fast to get a single clear picture.
Last picture of the day...the amazing Coke machine in the local Taco Time.  We first saw one of these last year when Amber and Aurora came for a visit.  Glad to see one in our little town.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Orange Fenders.

Good evening, it is Thursday evening.

It sure feels like summer is winding down.  School starts in less than a week and it is getting dark before 8:00am.  It has not been too cold yet, but you can sure feel it is on the way.  The good news is that we have been enjoying our last few days of summer and it is not over yet.  I saw a sign that said how school was beginning on Thursday and resistance is futile.  We are resisting!  Here are a few random pics:
 Biking on the Cedar River trail with Hansen.  I feel like I have posted a pic like this in the past.
 Ah, getting some treats at the Supermall.
 A zebra ride on the carousel.  I feel like I may have posted a similar pic to this in the past.
 Zumiez is like a magnet for Preston when it comes to school shopping.  Sweatshirts and shoes this trip.  Yes, Lillie is along for some fashion guidance.
 Preston and Connor on bicycles.  They ride to the local church and kick the soccer ball around.
 Lillie and I rode bikes to take her to her friend's house for an overnight.  Today we raised the seat and the handlebars, so the bike has a bit more room for her now.  This bike will be too small next summer for sure.
 Lillie and her friend just goofing around.
Spongebob!  Yes, This ball only sees action if my game is sucking!  But I do have fun:)

See you tomorrow.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Over, Under, or Around?

Good morning, it is Monday.

After a full day of chores and stuff, we decided to take a walk to the ice-cream store in the evening.  The strip of stores where we walked is only a couple of miles from our house and we can get there through the back streets.  Actually, if we just go through a local school yard, the parking lot is connected to the shopping strip of stores...but there is a gate!  I have only seen it closed once before but it was closed last night.  So our options were over, under or around.  Sure, there was plenty of room for the kids to go under...but for me?  All I can say it that is was very fun...and if you are my size and start laughing, it is easy to kind of get stuck.  Also, cars were driving by to make it even more fun.  Maren was there, but I was not allowed to take her picture or to even say if she went over, under or around.
 Lillie and Hansen has zero trouble just slipping right under the gate.  No, we are not breaking any laws here!  I'm guessing this gate is just to keep the shoppers from going into the school by accident?  I don't know why the lots are even connected...maybe at the time connecting them seemed like the thing to do, but then they changed their minds?
 Lillie took this picture.  Maren and Hansen are pushing the gate up just to give me an extra centimeter of clearance.  No problem!
At our destination!  u-top it.  This frozen yogurt store is very good, but quite expensive if you ask me.  For the four of us our bill was just over $20.00.  No, we don't do this every day!  
But ice-cream cup consisted of mint and coconut flavored yogurt and a variety of toppings.  No, Preston was not with us this trip.  He is off spending the night at a friend's house.  I'm sure he and his buddies walked to 7-11 for Slurpees.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Future?!?

Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

This weekend ended up being a great weekend spent with cousins!  Yup, dinner and hanging out at the pool led to overnights for the littles and then dinner and the Seahawks game for all of us the next night.  Fun times with cousins for sure!
 Miles really enjoyed the pool as well as the rest of the kiddos and us adults.  At 90 degrees the pool is the place to be!
The adults of the group with Preston at the end.  We were all hanging out in the pool deck as that is  the rule as Miles has his life-jacket on.  This pic cracks me up, I also took one with everyone looking at me, but straight ahead is fun too.  We all had been in the pool before dinner, but after dinner is was just hanging out.
 Kraig and his cool glasses.  Kraig said he was out running the other day with his gray LiveSTRONG gear and these glasses and as he passed a couple of kids he heard one of them say to the other, "Wow!  That guy is from the future!"  Awesome.
 Preston reading his summer reading.  This book is not all that engaging.  We took turns reading it aloud and now we all feel sorry for Preston.  But he is not alone, all of his fellow honors English classmates are reading the same book...about how difficult the English language is.
 Hansen got in the water!  And he and Lillie had a great time.  As did we all.
Maren enjoying a little bottle of wine at the pool.  

Lillie spent the night at Claire's house as Alex spent the night at our house.  Maren had a tour of the i-school at the U of W on Saturday morning so Hansen, Alex and I drove her then hung out at the U of W for a few hours.  I had a great time.  The boys didn't like walking so much, but they did enjoy the campus for sure.  And lunch.
 A the main entrance of the the U of W.
 My favorite part of the trip was to the lower level of the book store where I spent plenty of time buying books "back in the day".  Hansen checking out Engineering books.  And the prices...yikes!
 So many great choices of hats!  Go Huskies!
Next to the Broken Obelisk in front of the Suzzallo Library.  When in college both Maren and I worked in this library.  Those were fun times for sure.  I won't be at all surprised at all if this is the campus that Hansen spends many a college day at either.  Not so sure about Preston and Lillie, maybe PLU and WSU respectively?  Only time will tell.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

500,000 per square inch?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Only two weeks until school starts, and I can tell you that Preston and Hansen are going to have a rude awakening when they realize they will have to wake up for school.  I'm not going to get on their case too much just yet because the next few days are going to be in the mid 90's and who can sleep in that heat anyhow?

The last two days we got to see Maren while at work.  Kind of.  Tuesday Lille, Hansen and I decided to go visit her then go hiking.  And yesterday Maren was on a vacation day, but had a meeting in we dropped her off and did some tourist stuff while she worked.  OK, here are some pics:
 This is the path behind Maren's work.  It was a quick trip to Target for an ICEE, then off to hiking.
 OK, a super short hike at Squak Mountain in Issaquah.  As in only a half a mile.  The other options were 3 or 4 miles and we were not up to that kind of challenge.
This super cute kiddie hike has a storybook around the trail.  Every 30 yards is another page.
Yesterday we started at the Seattle Aquarium.  Our family pass expires soon, so it was good to make one more visit.
 The otters are always a favorite.  They are so gracefull...and they have 500,000 hairs per each square inch of their bodies and make 54 degree water look like 90 degrees.
 Not sure if Preston is taking a picture of the otters or texting a friend.
 Hansen and Lillie swimming with an Orca!
 Here Lillie is riding on the Orca!
And behind the scenes.  Of course this is not a real orca, but it is fun to pretend.
   On the way out of the Aquarium we stopped by the gift shop...not by choice mind you, it is the only way out.  You can clearly see the dangers of exiting through a gift shop in this picture.  This fish is sucking out any remains of my brain the the kids didn't already suck out along the way.
 On the way to the Pike Place Market we met up with Maren who spent the morning at the Seattle Public Library.  We didn't do anything other than walk through the market.  We were going to go to the original Starbucks for Hansen, but the line was so long it was just not going to happen. We did have lunch at Ivar's and most of us were so full from lunch we could never have room for a Frappe.  Yes, were were making some funny jokes...what rhymes with frappe?
Preston and Hansen hanging with their mom in the park at the end of the market.  Yes, that is Alki in the distance.

See you tomorrow.