Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer reading prizes and extra cash.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Preston is off to his second day of college soccer camp.  One of the things I like about his new club (PacNW) is that they have a real focus of helping their players navigate the world of getting into college...and it's not just about college scholarships, it about keeping good grades and figuring out why a college is a good fit and such.  This three day camp is actually being taught by local college soccer coaches as well.  So Preston is having fun and learning about what to be doing for his future.

While Preston has been at college camp, the littles have been trying to earn money at home.  Chores for cash.  I'm not necessarily all for this as I kind of think the kids should do their chores for free, but this new system may just work.  I will only give them cash chores if their regular chores are already done.  Hansen is really the only one really taking advantage of this new system, but Lillie is trying.
It is almost hard to find suitable jobs for Hansen to earn cash.  His last job was to help me replace the fence post that holds up our gate.  For a few years it has been rotted out at the base and the gate has to be lifted to be me moved.  Here is Hansen after removing the taking off a couple of boards to clear the way to removing the broken post.
 And standing behind the finished project.  Now the gate works perfectly!  We even designed a little rope pull thingy to unlatch the gate from the front.
 Lillie thought about getting into the action.  I gave her a weeding job since she finished cleaning her room (with a little help from her Nana) but this didn't last long.  Too many creepy crawlies in the grass.  She moved into the house to work on counter tops and such.
On the way to her dance class, Lillie and I stopped by the library to turn in her summer reading log.  She read all the required minutes to receive a couple of great prizes!  Check out her fancy light up glasses and her glow in the dark stars for the ceiling of her bedroom.  The King County Library always has great prizes for summer reading.  Lillie is a bit bummed out that she can't sign up for the laptop computer giveaway, but since her mom works for the Library system, she is not eligible.  I say it's all good!

See you tomorrow.  


Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats to Lillie on the nifty prizes! Too bad library systems don't give out prizes to grannies!

Melanie Ostergard said...

We have the glow in the dark stars, but haven't earned the glasses yet. Jack is going to love those glasses!!