Thursday, July 19, 2012

Seattle Sounders and a free lunch.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday morning I ran a few errands trying to get the tv sound to work correctly.  After trading in a new A/V receiver it is safe to say that the problem wasn't the old one.  I'm not sure what my next step will be, for now it is set up old school with only the tv speaker working...maybe a different brand?  Maybe nothing.  I'm kind of tired of dealing with it.

Once home I took Lillie on a bike ride to the school for lunch.  That's right, our school is one of the many in the Kent School District giving out free lunch to anyone under 18 years of age.  I have heard that over 5,000 lunches are served in this school district alone.  Pretty awesome as for many of these kids this will be their best meal of the day.
Lillie ran into several of her friends.  Lillie is (left) hanging out with her friend for a few minutes.

Preston had an amazing opportunity yesterday.  Through his soccer club he was one of the kids who got to be on the field at the Sounder vs. Chelsea friendly match yesterday.  He said there were probably a couple of hundred kids all together combining to hold flags and such to yesterday's match.
 This picture is taken from a friend's FB page.  Preston is somewhere under the green Sounders flag.  Each kid had big piece of the cardboard puzzle that made the flag.  Preston said it was totally amazing being on the field with 53,000+ fans in the stadium.  He also got to see all the players on the field with him.  And it was the last day for fan favorite Roger Levesque as he is retiring, Sounders will miss him for sure.
 Here is a pic from the Sounders FB page of the whole CenturyLink field.  Preston's group of kids is on the right...not holding the cards over their heads just yet.  This is also the field that the Seattle Seahawks play on.  For this huge match, they actually brought in real grass.  Usually they will then take the grass and give a high school a new field.  Usually this stadium has modern field turf.
And finally a picture from Preston's camera.  Yup, along with a t-shirt, flag, and a hamburger, they gave him a free ticket to see the game!  You didn't think he would get to stay on the field the entire time?  Yes, you are correct...they should have had him on the field playing in the game!  Maybe in a few years.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What a great free lunch program. I bet Preston will definitely be playing on the field in a few years if he wants to!

Amber said...

That's way cool!