Friday, July 13, 2012

A pea?

Good morning, it is Friday...the 13th.  How cool is that?

Yesterday was a bit more of a summer relaxing day around here.  Were didn't go to the pool or anything until Preston had soccer practice in the evening.  We did have a few errands to run in the morning, we dropped off Lillie's friend Maddie from her overnight, ordered Hansen new glasses, and picked up some ear buds for Hansen's phone/mp3 player.
 While at Fred Meyer's, Lillie came across this stack of foam camping/sleeping pads.  While she would like one for under her loft bed in her room, she was saying how even this stack of foam pads would never ever work for her because if she was on the top and there was a pea under the stack, she just wouldn't be able to sleep.  Princess material for sure!

When Preston was at practice at Starfire last night I brought my bike along so I could go for an hour ride on the Green River Trail.  I had never traveled north of Starfire on the trail and was interested in where it went.  I rode for 30 minutes out and then turned around.
 Right next to the Green river at times.
 Under a cool overpass.
 The upper overpass you see in this picture is actually the light rail train track.  And yes, that is my bicycle.  I actually got off my bike for this picture, the other ones were taken while riding.
Back to Starfire.  Several soccer games and plenty of practices going on.  I got back in time to see Preston's group running stairs in the stadium.  Fun!

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Very nice weather you're having! A very cool princess photo op at Fred Meyer!

Amber said...

I would've said the same thing... I'm totally the Princess and the Pea!!! Very nice pics from your ride - what a beautiful area.