Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kickoff Goal, Baseball, and leaving for Lutherhaven

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

I almost can't believe it is Tuesday, this weekend has flown by.  I'm actually having a hard time remembering back to Saturday which I guess is just fine because I am mainly going to be talking about Sunday and Monday.  Here we go!

Sunday morning Hansen left for Camp Lutherhaven with the middle school youth group from our church.  It was a juggling act as that day Preston had two soccer games, Lillie was hanging with John and Carol, and Maren and I were off to a Tacoma Rainiers baseball games.
 After dropping Preston off at a friend's house who was taking him to his soccer games, I took Hansen out for a quick breakfast on the way to the church.  Double yum!
The middle schoolers getting in the van.  Two states later and they were at camp.  I have heard from a friend that they are having a great time.  Some day I may go on one of these trips with the youth group, but for now I am happy that Hansen gets a well deserved break from his wacky family.

Maren and I got to join friends (ex-co-workers of Maren) to an outing at the Tacoma Rainiers game.  The weather was very sketchy at first, raining while we were in line, but while the sun never shined, the rain stopped and we go to see a very good game that resulted in Tacoma loosing in extra innings.
This pic was taken my me with the tiny little camera on the front of my new i-phone!  Judy, Larry, Mick, Susan, Maren, and a freaky pic of me!  We had a great time, huge thanks to Judy and Larry for hooking us up with the tickets...and the friends.  Some of you may be thinking, new i-phone huh?  The feature that sold me is the "cloud".  All the pictures I take with it's very good camera automatically upload into my pictures folder on my computer the moment I get home.  No wires or transferring images or anything.  How cool is that?

Preston's soccer team made it into the semis and the finals so I got to see two great game yesterday.  The first game Preston scored 2 goals and had a great assist for the 3rd goal of the game for a 3-0 win and a spot in the finals.  The finals put them against the best Crossfire team in their age group for an amazing dual.  This game ended in the last 10 seconds with the Crossfire team getting a goal after the ball bounced back into play from the crossbar and it was crazy.  Bummer way to loose, but a great tournament.  One of Preston's teammates will be leaving the team for the Seattle Sounder's Academy Team...very cool.
 Preston taking a corner kick in the finals.
   Getting their runner up medals for the BU-16 Gold division.  Really amazing soccer folks!  It was also fun to run into an old friend and husband of a Maren co-worker as he was the line judge for Preston's semi-final game.

And not to make this a soccer blog, but I have to attach this grainy video of Preston scoring on the opening kickoff of game 3.  His coach had never seen anyone score on the opening kickoff.  The keeper for the other team stayed on the ready for the rest of the game to be sure.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Your new i-phone takes good pictures! Preston sure is an amazing soccer player!