Thursday, July 05, 2012

July 4th!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night was a booming 4th of July around our house.  I would have to say that last night may have been the 4th with the most bangs and showers ever.  We had small/decent amount of fireworks as did our culdesac neighbors, but some of the surrounding streets had massive amounts of fireworks and we were never left without amazing fireworks all around us.  And even a few "oopsies" as big fireworks designed to fly up in the air were skidding along the times!

We started the day in Burien for the Parade and a birthday party for Courtney, then it was off to Alki beach for dinner and hanging out at Stef and Derek's place, and ending things up at our house for fireworks.  Picture time:
 Food and cupcakes for snacks and birthday candles at John and Carols' house.
 Hanging out at the parade.  The kids got plenty of candy!
 Hydroplane boats are in all the big parades around here.
 Maren's old high school sporting a band at the parade.
 Of all the old and new cars, this may have been my favorite.  The Mystery Machine!
 A float with princess waving.
 And even BMX riders.
 Walking home from the parade Jack got a lift from Preston and Hansen.  Then it was over to Stef and Derek's house.  We could have easily stayed and watched the fireworks over Lake Union with the hoards of folks at Alki, but the kids are still at the age where blowing off our own fireworks is still a blast.
 I took Lillie across the street to look at the water and the view of Seattle.  Always posing.
 Here I just spun around from where I took the picture of Lillie.  Yup, didn't move an inch.  The blue house is Stef and Derek's house...they do have a great view!
 Back home with our stash of fireworks.  Lillie got to be in the mix of lighting fireworks this year.
Maren even got in the swing of things with a couple of sparklers!

Great 4th of July!  See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Glad you had a nice July 4th with good weather for the parade. How cool that you got to see the Mystery Machine! I hope Scooby was in it, waving!