Sunday, July 01, 2012

Hershey's Track and the Boston Red Sox

Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

This is post two for today.  Yesterday was a great day.  It started with the Hershey's State track meet.  Hansen was jumping and running.  The day finished with a baseball game.  Not just any baseball game, but Boston vs. Seattle!  Let's get on with some pictures.
 Hansen getting ready to run and jump.  Hansen also had a school buddy there to hang out with.  He had a great time and performed very well too.
 The parade of athletes!  The Hershey's state track meet is really something.
 Hansen won his 100m preliminary and made it to the finals where he took 6th place!  He also took 6th place in the long jump.  Great running kiddo!

After the track meet Preston and I were lucky enough to get to go to the Boston Red Sox vs. Seattle Mariners.  We were there with Stef, Derek, Ben and Abbi.  Derek and kids are huge Boston Red Sox fans so we had a great time wearing all Boston gear.  That's right, we were decked out in Boston Gear.
When I mean Boston Red Sox gear, I'm really talking about my Grandpa's Boston hat.  Looks good huh?  Elvis glasses were the giveaway for the game.  Preston and I enjoying watching batting practice.
 Preston and auntie Stef being "really cool"!  And yes, we had great seats.
 Yes, this is Ichiro!  Any Ichiro fan will recognize this pre-batting pose.  I have really enjoyed watching him over the years.  His time in Seattle and in baseball may be winding down, but man is he awesome.  I went to like the second game he played as a Mariner and sat above him in right field.  The paparazzi were crazy back then.
 Derek, Ben, Stef, and Abbi.  Thanks to Derek for getting us these great tickets.  We all had a great time.  The Mariners won the game in the bottom of the 11th inning with sacrifice fly and a play at the plate.  Very cool!  While I love having my grandpa's Boston hat and was honored to be wearing it to the game, I'm a life time Mariners fan and it was great to see them win such a close game.

See you tomorrow.


Roger Waters said...

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Anonymous said...

Grandpa would be thrilled that you're wearing the Red Sox hat. Glad everyone had a great time and the Mariners won.

carol said...

Well this post has certainly brightened up my day ! It's fabulous to see you in Roby's baseball cap - even tho it's been tough times here, seeing you at the Red Sox game cheered me up - let's get our priorities in
order ! :)

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