Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hansen's new glasses. Ichiro traded to Yankees.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Hansen and I have been busy fixing the fence/gate around the back yard.  Some of the fence posts have rotted out at the base and the fence as not so solid due to this.  We decided to tackle the gate. So far we have the gate fence post replaced, now I just have to decide weather or not to replace the gate structure and hardware.  Hmmm.

Hansen also picked up his new glasses yesterday:
 John came with us and when I was about to take this picture he made Hansen laugh by reminding him to, "don't smile...Don't Smile...DON'T SMILE!"  These are very cool glasses!
What a baseball day here yesterday!  Ichiro was traded to the Yankees just before the Mariners and  the Yankees were about to play here in Seattle.  Totally crazy!  Then Ichiro suited up as a Yankee and played for the wrong team.  After the shock and timing of the trade, I think this is a good move for both Ichiro and the Mariners as well.  Good luck Ichiro!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Dad says lucky for Ichiro, he went from one of the the worst teams to the best. I personally like to see players stay with the same teams I'm used to seeing them with, though. Cute way to get Hansen to smile!

sussah said...

Hi Julian, Hansen looks great in his new glasses. Yesterday I had to have an unexpected full eye exam (lost my good reading glasses, then found them on the sidewalk, irreparably scratched). They insisted on dilating my pupils and it was a sunny day so that was not too pleasant. But I'll get my new glasses in a couple of weeks and will have the ability to order new batches of contacts. I have learned my lesson... Take good care of your glasses! love, susanna

Julian Slane said...

Dad- yes, good for Ichiro. He was going to be a free agent and things could have gotten ugly if he didn't do this now. I have a hunch that even though fans (like me) loved him, management was happy to free up his salary and open up his position. I'm thinking Ichiro will turn it on and play great for a few more years!
Susanna- glad you have new glasses lined up and contacts too. Without current rx, glasses replacement can be frustrating for sure.