Thursday, July 12, 2012

Free Slurpee?

Good morning, it is Thursday.

I seemed to take a ton of pictures yesterday as it seems like we did a ton of stuff.  And I guess we kind of did.  I will just start in the morning.  I woke up Hansen very early to take my van into the shop.  It is five years old and needed a free check up to approve the continuation of its lifetime powertrain warranty.  On the phone they said it would take a few hours and since Hansen had a dentist appointment at 11:00, we got on the road early.  Once at the shop I asked the service guy (my first one was a total dork) to finish by 10:40 so we could make the dentist.  He hemmed and hawed and was trying to send me home to try another day.  Luckily a more experienced tech took over and did the job in the half an hour it takes (my van passed and is now covered for another five years).  While waiting Hansen and I took a look at the cars in the showroom:
 I'm not a huge fan of this car, but it is pretty cool.
 I could see myself driving this.
 Or even this.
 Maybe even this.
Now this is more like it...oh wait, that is my van.  OK, I will drive this.  So Hansen and I went from thinking we wouldn't make it to the dentist appointment to having nearly two hours to kill.
So it was off to breakfast at McDonald's.
 Hansen went for a cinnamon thing and a fancy coffee drink.  I took another picture with Hansen looking at me, but his eyes were telling me that me and my picture taking had to stop and I am really just an annoying human.  But I did buy the breakfast, so I must not be all bad.
 With more time to kill we walked around Fairwood.  Here we are at the driving range where we can see the range and the condos that I wish I could live in when I retire.  You know, so I could just walk to the golf course every single day and play or practice.
 Finally in the dentist chair.  His teeth are in very good condition, no cavities and maybe no need or braces either.  My blog could end right here and be a good one, but isn't even noon in yesterday's time and there was more to do.

Preston and Connor were making plans to hang out at Wild Waves for the day, but at the last minute their ride fell through.  Also Lillie was trying to make plans to hang out at the pool for the day.  So after reading Maren's text to me about it being 7/11 and free Slurpee day, I agree to drive the boys and Lillie under one condition.  The condition is that I take them on a field trip (they don't realize it is free Slurpee day) and the second part is that they let me take a picture once their.  Connor almost won't agree to the picture part.  But in the end it is totally worth a drive to 7-11 for their free Slurpees.
 This is the picture I got of the motley crew.  Hansen is giving us his photo bomb face and it looks Preston is drinking the Slurpee with his nose.  Really the straw is not even close to his nose, but the picture is kind of funny.
Dropping off Lillie the boys all spot a free Foosball table.  They play if for a minute, but no, it did not take the trip to our house.  Well, Lillie did have a fun day at the pool and her friend Maddie ended up spending the night and I am starting to hear them right now.  Preston and Connor had fun at Wild Waves and even rode on the zip line ride.  Hansen and I picked up a charging station for his  X-box remotes.
And this last picture of the day is a strange picture of my new glasses.  I picked them up and wore them for a day and a half and not a single person in the whole world noticed I got new glasses.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I'll take the Challenger! There's one very similar to it - without the white stripes - that I see in the library parking lot all the time these days - very cool car! Oh, but that minivan is cool, too. Hey, nice new glasses!