Sunday, July 01, 2012


Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

Today I will put up two blog posts.  This one will be all about our recent Disneyland trip, and the next will be from yesterday.  Disneyland?  Yes!  Maren was in Anaheim for an ALA conference so the rest of us decided to go down a few days after her and enjoy a quick vacation too.  The weather was great the whole time, but really, let's let the tons of photos do the talking:
 Sunday morning, 5:00's the plane!  Maren left a few days earlier.
 California!  Yes, we found the nice weather.
 First meal in Downtown Disney.  Maren is at work, but we're making the best of it.
 The view of California Adventure from our hotel room!  Yeah, I could live in this room forever.
The first day Lillie and I went straight to the tea cups.  I'm thinking she loves this ride.  The boys were off on their own looking for bigger thrills.
 Lillie and Princess Aurora.
 Check out this tattoo.  I think it is still on Lillie's arm as I type.
 A day or two later.  Disneyland is a land of hurry up and wait.  Lillie and Hansen passing the time while I pick up tickets.  Check out Lillie's Zebra Mickey Ears.  I think Lillie spent all her spending money in the first two days while the boys were searching for things to buy up to the end.  Some day you can ask me about the fun time I had with security once it was discovered that Preston had his Mickey snow globe in his carry on for the plane ride home.
 Once Maren caught up with us, she did it in style.  She and Preston are on this California Screaming train.
 A little art class with Lillie.  The boys and I also took a class to draw Mickey himself.
 Lillie got a princess makeover at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique.  She went for the rocker princess chick look this year.  This was a great hairdo complete with Mickey bling and painted nails.
 We were in Disneyland at the same time as last season's Fusion dance team as they performed in Disneyland.  Lillie will be on this dance team next season (in two weeks) and getting to see some of her friends performing was very fun.
 Goofy, Lillie, Maren and myself.
 Lillie wore my old (her new) Mickey tie all around Disneyland...she decided it went perfectly with her rocker princess hairstyle.  And yes, she always strikes a pose when the camera comes out.
 At the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki room!  Dole whips!
 Goofing off at lunch.  Maren was actually on the phone with her folks at this very moment.  They could hear the kids just laughing and having a blast.  I'm not going to post the other pictures...this grinning one is enough.
 I got to enjoy the light shows in both Disneyland and California Adventure.  This is the World of Color.
 Maren got us up early to ride the new Radiator Springs Racers.  Really, none of us wanted to wake up, but we are all glad she insisted.  We still waited 55 minutes in line, but the rest of the day the line was up to two hours.  This ride is ride ever!
 Preston and Hansen on the Tower of Terror.
 Star Tours.  How cool are these 3-D glasses?
 Somehow Preston hooked two stuffed toys on one turn on the skill crane!  Hansen will tell you that it was all his helping.
 Our whole crew visiting Goofy's Kitchen for dinner.  Great food and fun company.
 The morning we were leaving and a character breakfast.  The boys with Minnie Mouse.
Lillie with Daisy Duck.

We had a great vacation!  We also have another couple hundred photos or so that you can look at if you come visit.

See you tomorrow...or in a few minutes.


Anonymous said...

I love all the photos! Glad you found the nice weather and had a great time!

Amber said...

Princess Aurora?! Radiator Springs Ride?! Tiki Tiki ice cream!?!?! I seriously can't wait until our kiddos are old enough to do this...