Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crushed ping pong balls?

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday turned into a hang out at home day (except for Maren who had to work).  At least until Preston had soccer practice in the evening.  Lillie and Preston had friends over and Hansen would leave every once in a while and take off on a bike ride.  The road bike that I purchased a few years ago for the two LiveSTRONG rides in Seattle mostly hangs in the garage these days as I ride a different bike to work and prefer a mountain bike for my fun outings.  Hansen has decided that he wants to ride the road bike.  As it turns out, when it is set up for me, it fits Hansen perfectly.  So I moved it to the bike rack and he has full use of it.  It has a speedometer and is set up like a race bike, so yeah, it's fun to ride.  A picture of Hansen with the bike would have been perfect for right now, but that will have to wait.  Instead I have these pictures:
 Preston and Connor made a smoke bomb out of crushed ping pong balls and aluminum foil.  Of course they found this recipe on youtube.  So I had to check it out.
 And it worked very well!  Lots of smoke, no more ping pong ball.
 Most of the day they spent playing soccer in the back yard.  I joined them for a few minutes for a crossbar challenge.  But really, I'm not much of soccer player.  They had the bmx bikes out in the front yard because every time the ball went over the fence, it was hop on the bikes and go get it.  Last I heard they were on trip number eight.
Lillie and Maddie were hanging out most of the day too.  Dolls, phones, snacks, annoy the boys, a movie, and just hanging out.  Today they are going to try to make it to the pool.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I've never heard of ping pong ball smoke bombs before - very interesting. The Pink Palace is holding up nicely!